Novelty Scarves 06-18-07

Scarfing and Barfing

With all the scarves I’ve been knitting, I thought Mel’s clever turn of the phrase was an appropriate title for today’s post.

First of All…
…I want to assure everyone that Nico’s health is just fine. I was joking about the eating disorder, and other than gagging on some hairballs, he doesn’t barf at all.

I was pleased that Mel noted some of the fallacies about hard cat kibble. Thaddeus did an enormous amount of research on the best thing to feed cats, and it turns out that soft food is usually better, especially if it’s mostly animal protein.

Thaddeus determined that one of the best commercial brands is Wellness canned cat food. Not that Nico is very picky, but he seems to love the poultry and beef flavors the best. Fish, oddly, doesn’t seem to be his favorite.

Current Knitting
As noted in the header of today’s post, I’ve been continuing to work on scarves. I finished two more. The first one I hate, and I will give it away to anyone that wants it.

Novelty Scarves 06-20-07

I tried using an old remnant cone of deep blue mohair yarn along with one of those carry-along yarns, and I hate how it turned out.

The second one I finished, is by far my favorite so far.

Novelty Scarves 06-21-07

Yes, I did another Boteh Scarf, in a similar color to the one they published in Internet Crochet. I used a couple of old balls of Jaeger baby yarn that I had from somewhere in my stash. This is an amazing design…it’s very rare when such a successful design gets published…I found it so amazing, I tried to see if I could replicate it in knitting.

Knit Boteh

I used a much bulkier yarn, and the knit version is no where near as fine as the crochet. I also tried a couple of different methods, and the center few triangles seemed to be the most successful.

Knit Boteh Close

Overall, even though it’s faster to knit for me, I think I’ll stick with Kathy’s original version.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Fredda (of Knitting Vault fame…I continue to sell a ton of my Koigu Cross Stitch Scarf pattern every month…amazing!) writes, “Regarding Nico’s video, I have never seen a more brilliant cat in my life. But does he fetch?”

Yes, actually he does. He has a number of toy mice that he will fetch and return a number of times before he tires of it. Actually, the videos of him bag-diving are a result of me throwing one of him mice toys into the bag.

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  1. Can’t speak to cat food specifically, but we’ve been feeding Wellness kibble to our dogs, and they’re doing quite well on it.

    I think* that Wellness was one of the few foods that wasn’t involved in the recent recall.

    I once had a cat that would fetch. I’d set her challenges by doing things like throwing the crumpled paper ball into a box, or into an open drawer. She always found it and brought it back.

    *subject to correction if my memory is faulty

  2. Miro, our feral New Orleans tuxedo cat, eats in small snacks through the day, and won’t eat wet food that has been out for more than an hour, so we gave up on canned, and only feed her kibble. She’s shaped like a bowling ball with legs, but the vet says she’s quite healthy for 12 years old. Nico looks very much like our (briefly) second kitty Marcel, and plays like him too. What a doll you have in Nico.

    (We were terribly allergic to Marcel, and he now lives happily in the burbs of Philly with a less allergic family. We’re more allergic to male cats than female, which apparently is common)

  3. I love the shaping of the Botehs. They have an indescribable flow to them that really sets them apart from other crochet I’ve seen.

    The Nico vids were fun. Thanks for sharing. I know you don’t do cat stuff much on your blog so they were a treat.

  4. incredibly clever of you to work out a knit version of Boteh. If I wasn’t also a crocheter, I’d probably be eternally greatful to you for proving it possible.

  5. Olá, All good! My name is Sandra Coatti and lives in Brazil. Vi this pretty scarf and I got passionate, only that it does not have the magazine with the grafico here, sera that voce could order the grafico for me. Its blog this pretty one, sees mine…. Debtor…….Sandra Coatti

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