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By a show of hands…how many of you have seen What The Bleep Do We Know!?

Or, More Recently…
…the more recently release, What the Bleep!? – Down the Rabbit Hole (QUANTUM Three-Disc Special Edition)?

I have to admit that this stuff just fascinates me.

My version of spirituality incorporates many ideologies. Everything from my religion-of-upbringing (Catholicism) to A Course In Miracles and even self-improvement seminars, like est.

All of the paths I seem to follow, all end up having a certain indescribable commonality, that I choose to continue to investigate as part of my search for spirituality.

The recent What The Bleep movies have added another dimension to my ideas of what constitutes spirituality and understanding of who I am. I was very glad they came out with the follow-up DVD set, because I still have difficulties understanding much of what was covered in the initial movie.

Current Knitting
I had an impromptu birthday dinner I had to attend for a friend with three cats, so I put scarf production on hold for a while to create this little package.

Nora Gift Closed


Nora Gift Open

I just felted up a few little mice for her cats to play with and tossed them around in a little cat nip. Her kitties loved them.

I’ve also continued to work on more scarves, and I think they’re getting better and better.

Novelty Scarves 06-22-07 Close

This one is made with Kaffe’s Kid Silk, and uses a combination of knitting on the bias and a crochet edging. I think I will make a couple more like this.

Novelty Scarves 06-24-07

This one is done with some silky-soft yarn from Louisa Harding called Impression (84% nylon and 16 mohair). I will also be making a few more of these.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Glen asks, “Where can I get that WONDERFUL pattern you used for the Boteh Scarf?”

I’ve mentioned it a number of times, so I’m not sure if this is a sarcastic question, but the pattern is available in the most recent Interweave Crochet magazine, the Spring 2007.

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  1. Why all the scarves? You’re an experienced knitter–are you just using them as a vehicle for design experiments?

  2. LOL no not sarcasm. I went through the net and discovered where the original crochet pattern came from. It’s just that, well… I’ve not been knitting very long (less than 6 months) but am quite infatuated and really enjoying this hobby more than any I’ve picked up yet. But I must admit my crochet skills… well they suck. I was wondering if I could get the knit version of the pattern from you, because I haven’t a clue as to how to convert a crochet pattern to knit or vice versa. Not sure how to e-mail you from your blog. The link lights up but shows no connecting address. Thanks. Love the blog btw.

  3. Hey, panais, I am mad for that bias scarf done in Kaffe Silk.

    Who knew that silly Boteh scarf would grow such legs, eh?

  4. I’m a big fan of the first “What the Bleep” but haven’t seen the second yet.

    You’ve made me move up the Boteh scarf in my queue. I’m on the hook with one in Pewter Zephyr for my grandmother, who poo-poos crochet. Her mother was a crocheter, so she rebelled by knitting, or some such. When I visit her next month, I’m bringing my stack of Interweave Knits and Crochet to try and bring her into bicraftuality.

  5. are the scarves for a particular cause or … oh I see someone else has already asked. I like to knit scarves too, for not particular reason, so just wonderin’.

  6. Okay, folks, let’s catch up. Joe sells the scarves at craft shows when a friend of his asks him to. I am still waiting, however, for the scarf he is going to make me for my birthday. Which was in March.

  7. I don’t know bleeping anything, so perhaps I’d better watch the DVD.

    That Kaffe Silk scarf is, I think, one of the handsomest things you’ve shown in here. I wish my head weren’t so cloudy and I could say exactly why. I just really like it.

    I’m curious, does the crochet edging have a noticeable effect on drape or stretch?

  8. Well, Hi Joe! I simply must mention that Nico looks very much like my cat, Binky. Since I’m unable to e-mail you (for some reason, the link isn’t working), I can’t send a photo, but trust me, these cats look very, very much alike. Binky is said to be a “Flame-Point Siamese Mix,” and I’ve never seen a cat like him. And hey, did you know all Orange Tabby cats are male? (Pardon me if you already knew.) (Now if I could only learn to spin cat fur!)

  9. Love your blog, but hated what the bleep. I am a scientist and I found the science really really bad. Love the knitting though!!

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