opposites attract

Opposites Attract…Or Not

I am one of those folks that always seems to be attracted to people and things that are very different than myself.

My Opposites
Thaddeus, for example, is very laid back, and stable and thinks things through completely before acting. I am energetic, frenetic and make quick, emotional decisions.

Usually, when I see someone that I find attractive, they are able to wear greens, yellows and oranges. I look sickly if I wear any of those colors.

I have an enormous amount of respect for those folks that can think musically, since I have virtually no aptitude for music whatsoever.

There are also some similarities in others that I find attractive. I prefer folks that are quick-witted and have a similar sense of humor as mine. I like folks that can express themselves well, both verbally and in writing. I am attracted to folks that have similar values as I do.

I’ve also seen long-term, successful relationships where two folks are very similar. So, who knows whether opposites really attract, or whether we just tend to notice the differences more than the similarities?

Current Listening
I have recently met a woman who does music professionally (teaches, plays sings…has a total music head), who fascinates me. She sings professionally, and has the required MySpace page that lets you hear her music, so I’ve been listening for the last week, and thought you might like to hear her as well. I enjoyed Another Day, but you can’t rely on my unsophisticated palate in music.

Check her out, and drop her a note if you like what you hear. The one thing I do know about music, is that I love a deep-timbred woman’s voice…like Val’s.

Current Knitting
Believe it or not, I tried starting a different project than scarves this past weekend, but nothing I started working with seemed to be working out.

I ended up doing three scarves instead…all of which I’m very happy with.

Novelty Scarves 07-01-07

This first one is another “rendition” of Kathy’s Boteh scarf. I did it in Rowan’s Kid Classic yarn, in a color that Fiestaware calls atomic red or some such shit. I’d call it blood orange.

The last two scarves, I just decided to use up leftovers from all my other scarves, and came up with these bohemian delights.

Novelty Scarves 07-01-07-a Novelty Scarves 07-01-07-b

The first one, is just different colors of the same kind of furry yarn, done diagonally. The second one is everything and the kitchen sink, all knitted up lengthwise, leaving each end as its own fringe.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Thanks to everyone for their comments on the contest and contributing to Year Up. I’m glad folks are interested in the idea of it, even if they’re supporting more local organizations.

Also, if you didn’t check out the Belief-O-Matic that Cara mentioned in her post, you might be interested. I turned out to be a Neo-Pagan, or a Liberal Quaker.

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  1. I think the trick to a good relationship is having enough in common to ground the relationship but enough differences to keep things interesting.

    Nice scarves.


  2. I’m 100% Neo-Pagan. With a soupcon of Buddhism thrown in.

    My eldest daughter is a Wiccan. So I guess I can see myself as a Pagan. Although according to her, there is a difference between the two. I don’t know what that may be. Need to do more reading about the two religions, I guess. My low score was 13% Catholic. That didn’t surprise me at all.

  3. my top three:
    1. Unitarian Universalism (100%)
    2. Neo-Pagan (99%)
    3. Liberal Quakers (91%)

    my bottom three:
    25. Islam (24%)
    26. Roman Catholic (24%)
    27. Jehovah’s Witness (18%)


    Each person should make up his/her own mind on a belief system, and not have some arcane set of mandates dictated to them by a so-called “leader”.

    so says an ex-catholic.

  4. My top two are:
    Secular Humanism at 100%
    Unitarian Universalist at 92%, which I am.

    My bottom two are:
    Roman Catholic at 16%
    Jehovah’s Witness at 14%, which is funny because that’s what I was raised as. Oh how times have changed!

  5. My top three were Unitarian Universalist (100%), Neo-Pagan, and Liberal Quaker. I had just started attending a UU church a couple months earlier when I took the quiz, what are the odds. My husband, who I was beginning to think was a raging atheist, came up UU (100%), Secular Humanist, and Liberal Quaker. We’ve always been alot alike. Sometimes opposites can be exciting, but after 13 years I find the similar is much more wonderful.

  6. I think the foundation to a good relationship is similar core values. My hubby and I have always put family first; treating each other with respect and admiration. Similar views on money and long term goals. We don’t tend to do a lot of activities together since our hobbies, friendships, and work are totally different. However time spent apart means we have things to talk about when we’re together.

  7. First time visiting your blog.
    I fell in love with that orange scarf it’s gorgeous.

    Anyway, you’ve caught my interest with the orange scarf and I’m of to mooch through the rest of your blog to see what else you’ve made πŸ™‚

    See you again sometime I’m sure.

  8. Hi!

    I am also a secular humanist, (100%) altho my lowest was Roman Catholic, probably a direct result of those 7 years of parhocial school!

    The blood orange scarf is totally lovely.

  9. Ohmigosh! I’m a Reformed Jew! This is so cool. Roman Catholic (which is how I was raised) came in #27 on the list. Never did buy into that whole transubstantiation thing. Thanks for a fun link!

  10. Had to try the Belief-o-matic. 100% Neo-Pagan. Ummm ok. UU and New Age both scored over 90%. The one that I find hilarious is Roman Catholic at 11%. I guess all those CCD classes just didn’t sink in. hehehehehe Eastern Orthodox and Jehovah’s Witness also came in way low. I’m quite happy that Reform Judaism came in at 74%. It’s about as close a fit as I’ve ever found. Of course, my core religious beliefs come from a movie. ha!

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