…to Scooter Libby.

No Big Surprise
Yes, our dope of a president is getting quite predictable. All appeals for keeping Libby out of jail were exhausted. He was a day or two from entering jail for his complete disregard for the democratic and judicial processes of this country. It was Tuesday, before a national holiday…the slowest day for political news

Maybe it will be old news by the time pundits start discussing it. Maybe folks will be glad he only commuted his jail sentence, but let the fines and other penalties stand. Maybe he just doesn’t care, about either the judicial or congressional branches of this government, because he considers himself more like a king or a dictator than a U.S. president.

All this, while he chides Vladimir Putin about the right kind of democracy he should push for.

All I can hope is that Mr. Libby values his freedom, because it’s at the expense of many other freedoms that started 231 years ago.

Current Knitting
I’ve done less than a half a scarf.

But I am considering designing an Aran vest for myself.

Other Crafting
I did get quite carried away by the Origami book I mentioned a few posts ago, and I made another couple of the designs in the book. This one was my favorite so far.

Magic Star

I included the first little box I pictured the other day, so you could get a sense of the size of the little magic star. It expands out to become a frisbee-like object too…it actually flies quite well.

Magic Star Closed


  1. “Libby move helps seal Bush’s legacy”. That was the headline I came home to today, which would have normally made me smile. Not today…Independence Day.

    No wonder this administration supports the death penalty…they don’t believe they would ever have to face it!

    Looking forward to the Aran vest design.

    Happy 4th!

  2. So, 200-odd years ago your country had the good sense to cut loose from mine. What do you reckon the chances are of us cutting loose from you guys some day? Nothing personal, but while Whitehall continues to aid, abet and kow-tow to the White House, I don’t really see things improving on either side of the Atlantic. I wish I could say I’m surprised by the Bush/Libby affair, but…Meh! Maybe I’m just getting too cynical!

    On happier notes – that frisbee must look gorgeous in flight. What does Nico make of it?

    Happy 4th!

  3. I love your Origami star. A little fabric, some sewing and you could have your self a beautiful quilt (using the origami star as your inspiration). I’ve always thought the geometric qualities of origami were similar to many shapes I see in quilting.

  4. Check out Origami Flowers by Soonboke Smith. My youngest really likes it.
    Middle daughter’s comment on Scooter’s freedom? “So much for checks and balances.”

  5. I hear you on the Scooter news. As my husband said, “The worst thing is that Bush’s popularity is already so low, event THIS can’t hurt him as much as it should.” Personally I think the only bad thing is that Dick Cheney is escaping from the whole mess altogether. What an international embarrassment this administration has been. Thanks for all your candid comments and observations.

  6. Can’t help putting in a plug here – my husband has written four Origami books. His name is Lew Rozelle and the books are:

    Origami in King Arthur’s Court
    Origami Boats
    Origami Ornaments
    Origami Rockets

  7. How about you fly to Washington, DC, sneak into the White House, and fold George W. Bush into a man with a lick of integrity and a wisp of personal conscience?

    Or is that too far beyond the limits of the medium?

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