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Reader Appreciation Day

Sometimes I forget that some readers of this blog find me and my writing to be not to their liking, so I wanted to send out a special thanks to all the folks that either enthusiastically embrace my ideas, or minimally put up with them and read my blog anyway.

Marilyn sent me an article from the New York Times about some homophobic ass-hat that Bush wants as the next Surgeon General.

I replied to her e-mail, stating that one of the few characteristics of our president that I share, is that I don’t read newspapers (or rarely, other than our local community newspaper).

Then I tried to think of other areas where I was similar to this man I despise, and a myopic, self-centered viewpoint was the other less-than-positive characteristic I could come up with.

Every once in a while, I like to try and look outside my absolutely-certain-points-of-view, and try to see things from a different perspective. I would only hope the man in the White House at the moment would do it at least as seldomly as I do.

So, in gratitude for an incredibly refined, knowledgeable and opinionated readership, I give you a picture of my two favorite guys in the World.

Thad and Nico

Current Knitting
I’ve done some additional knitting on the new Aran pullover design. Most of the pattern stitches are in 8-row repeats, except for one, which is 32. I have just finished the first of the 32 repeats, and started the second.

I also have a little more information, and an old picture of the yarn that I’m using.

Gaelic Aran Yarn

I bought the yarn in Schenectady, NY in March of 2004. It’s KFI Gaelic Aran yarn, in a color they call sage, although I’ve heard tell that the yarn has been discontinued.

I got to Delaware this week without three things that have made life a little more difficult.

You know I forgot my camera cable, so I can only publish photos I had already downloaded before I left home, or pictures I steal off the web.

I also realized Monday evening that I forgot my cable needle. I think knitters substitute a lot of odd things for various knitting tools, and necessity truly does become the mother of invention. I also believe that cable needles are the most frequently substituted knitting tool. I’m currently using a coffee stirrer for my cable transfers.

Finally, I realized Tuesday morning, that I had no razor blades…not even an old one in the razor. I had to pick up one of those Bic disposables so I didn’t look like a homeless person.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Fredda asks, “Have you decided to make a pullover instead of the vest? I must have missed something, but I love Aran pullovers.”

Yes, the MenWhoKnit list was talking about an Aran vest KAL, and I was considering it, but honestly, I look stupid in vests, and I have enough yarn for a full pullover.

0 comments on “Reader Appreciation Day

  1. By the looks of that label, I’d have thought the yarn was from 1954.

    And that’s a fab photo of your favorite guys.

    Self-Appointed President of the Nico Fan Club (also a big fan of Yonkos from Upstate)

  2. Joe–I love your blog. Generally I agree with you, but there are times and things (mostly your opinion of other people/bloggers) that I do not. The thing is, even when I don’t agree, I can see your point of view because it is well thought out and presented properly. That is why, even if you have a self-centered viewpoint (who doesn’t, at least you see it which means you can adjust for it), you have thought about your opinion before presenting it.

    The only time I saw that you didn’t do that was in defense of Kaffe’s teaching–neither sides arguments made sense to me and I have never had a class with him. So, I suspect, most of us readers don’t have to “put up with” anything except good writing, good knitting, and really cute family photos. (Ok, I do “put up” with spinning information–just can not get into it…but you still write it well).

  3. Both of your favorite men are very handsome!

    And as far as I’m concerned, it’s your blog, opine all you want to. You say it well and I do appreciate that when a reader takes you to task on something, you respond thoughtfully and rationally, and you’re not vitriolic about it. So even when you’re just really wrong and I’m right, I’ll still keep reading! πŸ™‚

  4. Just because you don’t read newspapers doesn’t mean that you can even begin to compare yourself with the Maggot-in-Chief. You at least watch and listen to the news. Besides, I happen to know that you can read, write a cohesive, coherent sentence, as well as speak well. I don’t want to read or hear another word about any comparisons. EVER AGAIN.

    Gaelic Aran? Talk about redundancy. Jeez, does it make it all the more authentic? I like the color, though.

    Few people look anything more than dorky in vests. Just my unfettered opinion.

  5. and I bet he cannot knit half as well as you ! Just thought to add it to Marilyn’s list as I too thought you belittle yourself in that comparison, although I understood the point you wanted to make.

  6. Although my favorite “cable” needle is a short dpn, when I need a substitute, I use a crochet hook (it has to have a smooth, consistent-diameter shank–it obviously doesn’t work if the shank is stuck into a fatter handle). I slip the business end through the stitches, then knit them off the “back” end.

  7. thanks for sharing the pix; such cute guys! lucky (said in a napoleon dynamite voice)!

    write on, write on, write on…

  8. Honey baby sweetiepie, get over yourself and just knit the cables.
    You don’t need a cable needle. It’s nothing more than repositioning the stitches that get twisted.
    Grow up.

  9. Drat, all I can do is agree with people who’ve already logged in.

    However, today is the first time I read anything here that made my hair bust into flames — how dare you compare youself to that little Shrub in the Whitehouse — other than both of you being located on the east coast of this country I can detect no other common ground. EEECH. I suspect everyone is a bit tired of being embarassed by him.

    Grit you teeth and just start those cables — I’ve found they are one of those things you hands seem to understand how to do even though your brain keeps struggling to make sense of the process. (so much of my knitting seems to be like that –

  10. “Sometimes I forget that some readers of this blog find me and my writing to be not to their liking…” That begs an obvious question that I’d better not ask – I doubt I’d understand the answer!

    As for self-centred…well, centred around the self – isn’t that what a blog is meant to be? A completely objective, thoroughly detached blog wouldn’t half be boring to read. And yours is not that. Some bits I like (knitting), some bits I love (politics) some bits fly over my head making vague whimpering noises (spinning) but a peek into your world, which is in many ways so very different to mine, is never, ever dull.

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