Congratulations Blog Contest Winners!!

Results of this contest were very mixed in my mind. On the one hand, very few blog readers participated, but on the other, I feel as though a very important organization and issue of inner-city education was brought to light.

The Winners
There were a total of five folks that contributed to Year Up, for a total of $150. Thank you very much to all who participated, and put money toward this wonderful cause. The winners are:

First Place: Marilyn R. (our favorite knitting curmudgeon)
Second Place: Cathy K.
Third Place: JT of “JT Casey Designs

I know it might sound odd that my friend Marilyn won, but I used a random number generater in MS Excel to pick the winners, so there would be no partiality on my part. I will be contacting the winners in order to ask them which gift they would prefer, but I will also be sending gifts to the other two contributors, because I feel all of the folks are winners.

Thank you again to all who participate in helping improve education for our impoverished and/or inner-city youth.

Current Knitting
Worked more the Aran pullover this weekend, and got quite a bit done.

Aran 07-16-07

This is about 11 inches, and now that I don’t have to consult the instructions each row, it should move along a little faster.

I did make a small mistake, but it’s hardly noticeable, and I can replicate it on the next repeat so it looks like I did it on purpose. I just have to remember to make sure I do the same thing on the front of the sweater.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Blog contest winner Marilyn asks, “Do you have Janet Szabo’s book on designing Arans?”

No, I am using various pieces from the Harmony Guide for Aran Knitting. It seems quite sufficient for my needs. I’ll have to check out Janet’s book next time I see it, to see if I could find a reason why I needed to own it…that shouldn’t be too hard I’m sure.

Regarding my test retirement, Tabitha asks, “Do you have any specific things you know you’ll do?”

Other than knit, blog, read and our planned vacation to the Vinyud, I will also be starting to exercise again. Mostly fast/long walking to start, and then jogging once I get down below a weight where my joints don’t hurt when I run.

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  1. Yeah, those mistakes that you can replicate–not mistakes, I’d say, but perhaps just another way of patterning.

    I ordered Janet’s book from Amazon, so it should be here shortly. I’ll let you know how I like it. I’ve heard it’s excellent and knowing Janet’s work, I’m sure that’s the case.

    I was glad to contribute and thanks, Excel, for giving me the random number. Excel is a marvelous program, often loathed by those who don’t know it intimately. I think it’s arguably one of Microsoft’s best apps.

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