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It’s Time For Conservatives To Step Up

With a president in the White House who is continuously thumbing his nose at the constitution, where is the conservative voice calling for impeachment? Where are the Kenneth Starr’s?

You Know Damn Well…
…that if Bill Clinton disallowed his staff from testifying before congress, the torches and pitchforks would be waving. And yet, our very basis for being a democracy in this country is being trampled on, and I hear a few mumblings, but no action from the conservative side of the aisle. The president’s lapdog from my great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter is even defending the president’s rights in this!?!?

The current Attorney General has clearly lied to Congress, and the President still fully supports him. If it wasn’t obvious that Gonzalez was lying after his latest testimony before congress, they now have a memo (de-classified by the White House a while back) that shows our top attorney in a bold-faced lie.

Bush won’t allow Karl Rove, Harriet Miers or Josh Bolten to testify, claiming executive privelege? What kind of bullshit is that?

You folks from conservative states…you may hear your congress-folk blustering on about the bad president and the bad war, but when it comes time to put their words into action?…nothing!

How can you stand by watching your ever-loving democracy be shit on like this? I mean really, WWJD?

Current Knitting
I was able to finish the back of the Aran pullover, and start on the front.

Aran 07-26-07

I think this will turn out to be quite a nice sweater, and I will look forward to wearing it on cold Winter days this coming cold season (assuming we actually have one).

Current Reading
An infrequent reader sent me a link to her iPod/MP3 book that she has narrated herself. I warn you before you go there, that you shouldn’t listen to the first chapter unless you want to listen to all nine. The narrative is incredibly compelling.

I would be very interested to hear what others think of this style of “writing.” I absolutely adored it, and I can’t say I’ve ever read anything like it before.

And if by chance, you listen and don’t like it, you should absolutely NEVER take one of my recommendations for what to read. I found this audio book completely sublime in every possible way.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Anonymous writes, “Let us know if your hits go up over the use of the word clitoris in this post.”

Actually, I haven’t had one hit on the word, as far as I can tell from my stats counter. I don’t think most porn-hungry men would type in that word. Most would type in pussy or if they wanted to get technical, might go so far as to type in vagina…but clitoris…not so much.

Sandy asks, “Which photo is the closest to the color of the Aran?”

The only picture so far that actually shows the color of the yarn at all accurately is the post of July 13th.

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  1. It is now very clear that for those inside the beltway politics is king — any lipservice paid to right and wrong is simply that. I think that the current conservative leaning in many states hinges on a single issue (you know the one — that “life” issue, whichever “life” issue happens to be at the forefront in the news)not on careful understanding and analysis of past actions and their place in the general scheme of governance.

    So. When will conservatives wake up? Who knows. Not any time soon, I think.

  2. Our freedom has already been stolen and locked in the vault, Joe. Sure some of the media are finally picking up on it, but it’s too late. Nothing will happen but mouth flap and the next “presidential election” will only be window dressing for a continuation of the rule of the current regime.

  3. I just saw Joe’s Aran sweater today at lunch and it is the color of grey-greenish grease. It is much nicer in person than it looks online. Joe also looks better in person, so good in fact, that I wanted to kiss him on the lips.

  4. WWJD? Puke.

    I got my copy of Aran Sweater Design. It is outstanding. And also, Cables Untangled, worth it for the cable patterns.
    The former is a must-have for anyone who is into designing Arans. Extraordinarily comprehensive. With one mistake: Alice Starmore was not the first to debunk the Aran myth. It was actually a British machine knitter and author, Kathleen Kinder. Rutt did further research based on Kathleen’s. Starmore was late on the scene.

  5. Most days, typically the days you post, I ask myself why you are in my top ten favorite blogs. I’ve decided that your unconvincing political protests far outweigh your contributions to the knitting community (IMHO). You used to be interesting, occasionally pithy, even. What happened, Joe?

    As the Soup Nazi would say “No Soup For You!”

    You are out of my top 10. Way out. Sorry.

  6. Osama B. gave the neo-cons just what they wanted, an excuse to start a war in the ME, to strip and re-interpret the Constitution and stripping our rights and human rights in the process. They were also given further opportunity to pander the Christian Right with the Holy War crap and whip them into a lather about abortion and gay rights. Pathetic. And we let it happen.
    Have you noticed that not one candidate has talked about returning the Constitution to the people? Patriot Act? National Security as a tool for hiding the truth? Naaa. Cowards that want the power too.
    My red state has Webb. Anyone who said he would like to slap him (the prez) can’t be all that bad.

    I do have a question about your sweater. Waht method are you going to use to seam it? I ask, because I did something similar but the underarm was to bulky.

  7. unfortunately, bush is not running this country; it’s uncle dick and uncle karl who are pulling their puppet’s strings.

    did y’all catch what mikhail gorbachev said yesterday? verrrrry interesting…

    screw you, dannette. aw, you don’t like people who speak their minds about idiot boy? go put your head back in the sand and dream on!

  8. Liza, surely you know how rude it would be to kiss Mr Joey on the lips.
    And anyway, I have no doubt it’d give him the absolute creeps.

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