Marilyn 08-19-07

A Curmudgeonly Visit

Nothing like spending a few hours with a someone who has the same level of passion for knitting and fiber.

Visit Details
Marilyn came down on Saturday for an espresso, lunch with Thaddeus and I and a visit to Twist. She wore her latest completed project, the Campanula, and also showed me the same sweater in progress for her daughter. Both were beautiful, and much nicer looking than even what she shows on her blog. It was a perfect day.

First off, she came bearing a gift.

Knitting Magazine 2007

This is the UK Knitting Magazine that Jean had told me about, that referenced my blog in a KnitBlog article. I never expected to actually see the magazine here in the states, but Marilyn was able to find it at B&N. It was a very complimentary paragraph.

Second, I got a chance to buy some yarn (I have never entered Deb’s store, and left empty-handed).

KF Regia Yarn

This is the Kaffe Fassett Regia sock yarn that I had heard so much about. I have seen this on the web, but two of the colors were too difficult to resist when I saw them in person. Here’s a closeup of the two colorways.

KF Regia Yarn Close

While at Twist, we got the chance to chat with some fun knitters. Steve, who works there is always fun to be around (and stunningly good looking, if I haven’t mentioned it before), and Deb has hired a new woman to work there as well, who is very nice (Susan, I think is her name). Cissy was also there, and she is always either working on something interesting, or talking about something interesting, or both.

Finally, we got a chance to eat at my favorite Thai restaurant. All-in-all, it was a wonderful time.

Current Knitting
Even before Marilyn came for a visit, I had totally abandoned my Aran pullover, to start a crochet lace tablecloth that caught my eye, of all things.

Tablecloth 08-20-07

I’m glad for the progress I’ve made so far. I’m not sure I can maintain this pace for the entire tablecloth (I’ll need about 134 more of these stars), but I’m enjoying the fine crochet.

Then, as soon as I got the new Regia with Kaffe colors, I had to start on that as well.

KF Regia 08-20-07

These socks, when finished, I will wear with great joy.

0 comments on “A Curmudgeonly Visit

  1. Nice sock. I’ve got some Rabbitch sock yarn in my near future, though, which I think may be used along with some Carol yarn for some Charlene Schurch socks. Once I can afford to add anything else to my list of UFO’s, of course.

  2. Socks look great! I think the colors are much more appealing in person than on-line, and knit up than in the ball.

    Mar looks great in her Campanula. Although I am bitter that the weather thwarted my plans to see her last week.

    And that you’ve never taken ME to Twist.

    But I’m glad you’re back from vacay. I missed you.

  3. I so hope your tablecloth goes a whole lot faster than the first one I did!! That’s the pattern my G’ma used to teach me to crochet, some 50+ years ago. Be glad (Be VERY glad!!) you’re not doing it with a size 14 hook and size 50 sewing thread (which is what she used to teach me with). Took the better part of 4 years to reach tablecloth size and became Mom’s Mother’s Day pressie that year.

  4. I know that crochet pattern very well – my mother made a tablecloth with that pattern which fits her dining room table, fully extended. It is absolutely ginormous, as that table is over 3 feet wide and seats 5 people per side. She still has the original pattern leaflet! Nice socks, I wasn’t sure about the Fasset colorways but the yarn looks great here.

  5. I am simply in love with that sock. It makes me long for fall! I see so many socks that i think “Eh, it looks nice, but who wears it?” That is a wearable sock my friend, wearable indeed!

  6. Might there be an extraneous comma in your sentence below? The sentence would mean something different without the comma.

    (I have never entered Deb’s store, and left empty-handed).

    I’m sorry. I’m just a grammar-geek who reads your blog.

  7. YAY SOCKS! (I’ve just cast my first pair ever yesterday onto needles) I know you’ve mentioned knitting and crocheting for the Rhinebeck Festival in October, but are you attending the Dutchess County Fair this month? I’m excited/curious/itching to see what they have at the DCF’s Sheep tent as there wasn’t too much info available and you seem to know a bit about Rhinebeck…

    OBTW- that lace is GORGEOUS!

  8. Uh oh. The Grammar Police gotcha with that sentence. Heh heh.

    Had a wonderful day with youse guys. And that crochet is fabulous. Even if it ends up as an antimacassar for Thaddeus’s greasy head.

    I think I may have a change of heart re: the striping in the KF Regia. I sure like your sock–how the F did you get that done so damned fast? Must have been all that pre-NFL TV watching you and T do.

  9. How about some kind of Jaywalker-esque pattern in the stripes?

    I must stand up for Thaddeus’s head. Since he switched to shoe polish, he no longer leaves a greasy residue.

    I must let out a “Huzzah!” for the grammar police. Or perhaps I mean the punctuation police? Isn’t the most important use of punctuation and grammar to ensure that one’s meaning is clear?

  10. Good lord man, i can’t believe the speed with which you knit and crochet! That’s 2 weeks worth of needlework at least for me. Yikes! Good looking, too. Very appealing sock. Can you give us an idea of the scale of the doily thingy?

  11. The KF yarn can become an addiction. I am already knitting my 3th pair and probably will buy all colours because they are FaB and a simple sock in that yarn makes my friend smile everyday!

  12. That must have been a popular crochet pattern. My grandmother used it to make 4 full-sized table cloths. I remember her sitting by the window always working on one of those stars. Where did you find the pattern – and what’s it called?


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