Larry Craig

I Am Not Gay


…uh…yeah…right. Can’t a man get any privacy in a public restroom anymore?

I actually feel sorry for Senator Larry Craig (Republican).

He clearly hates who he is, and has been a strong proponent for laws against all things he hates about himself.

Despite hating who he is, he can’t stop doing what makes him who he is.

He’s trapped himself in a dreadful life, and now it’s all tumbling down on him.

On the positive side, he’s at least helping to get Democrats elected, who like men like him more than he can like himself.

Current Knitting/Crocheting
I focused most of my energy on the crochet lace tablecloth, and got quite a bit done.

Tablecloth 08-29-07

You can see I’ve been able to finish 21 pattern repeats, and I even started to make some of the filler stars, although I didn’t get them all done in time for blog publishing today. Just think…only 119 more of these little stars!

I have been able to finish turning the heel on the first sock using the second colorway of Kaffe’s Regia yarn.

KF Regia 08-29-07

I didn’t think I’d like this colorway as well, but I was wrong. It is going to make a spectacularly good looking sock, that I can’t wait to wear…even more so than the first colorway pair that I’ve completed.

As soon as I’ve finished this pair of socks, I think I’m going to make two additional pairs of socks, using the patterns in The Knitting Man(ual) by Kristin Spurkland. She has one pattern that actually uses a pattern stitch that I think will work with a man’s sock, and also a great hiking sock in a heavier weight yarn.

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  1. I interrupt this beach vacation to say: Jos, I love you more than words can possibly say. That analysis of Mr. Private Idaho (or do I mean Mr. Idaho Privates?) was brilliant.

    The photo didn’t suck either.

  2. I actually went to my computer to check your response to this asshole immediately after seeing him on TV.
    Amazing how such a man sits in the senate for so long, he made a mistake admitting guilt my foot,,,, yikhes.
    You are so right in your analysis of this miserable person!

  3. Again FAB sock. Can’t wait to see more legs, so hopefully when you have finished them you will show more leg!! πŸ™‚
    I knitted also a pair with the striped yarn (other colour-sceme) from KF and it also looks great (will buy this 1 also, love the colours)Havent’t got a clue who those men on the picture are!! but that is logically because I live in Holland

  4. I’ve been trying to decide how to blog this myself, Joe and I think you take just the right tack… Poor schlub. And now the Right is hanging him out to dry like old laundry too… better to just be who you are, as you so eloquently implied.

    So. The Kaffe sock yarn. It might make me go back to the big-yarn-house-commercially -dyed stuff. Harumph.

  5. Thanks for the comment Joe….yeah, I sorta get in and out of knitting, I can be really intense about it for awhile and then slow down. I’m going to check your blog out.

  6. Self loathing in Idaho…How can he possibly be gay? He has a wife and kids! What a shmuck.

    The KF socks are beautiful. I couldn’t imagine what would be that different about his yarn. Now I know. KF is all about color and he’s hit it right on.

  7. For your reader Dutch Jan:

    Google Senator Larry Craig and select ‘pagina’s in het Nederlands’ you will get plenty of hits, because he gets coverage in Dutch newspapers too.

  8. Yes, he does tickle the sympathy a bit. Yet, he has deliberately made life harder for many, while he solicits on the sly. For someone in power to curse and condemn people, while reaping the fruits of those words/actions, leaves very little sympathy. I wonder how long it will take him to find Jesus. It took Vick on a few days.

    More Kaffe socks…more legs. please.

  9. See the arrest on tape–evidently, the Senator from Potatoland didn’t realize that he was on Candid Camera. I understand the tape has been played ad nauseam on CNN. Haven’t seen it. And don’t feel sorry for the loser, either.

  10. I was wondering what you’d say about Sen. Craig. While I agree with you that he’s trapped himself in the web of hate he’s helped to spin, I don’t feel sorry for him. I feel like this little slice of irony-pie ought to serve as a wake up call to the haters in Congress.

    Its so often true: those that bash the loudest are the most ashamed and gay….

    And I don’t like that his primary message has been to deny homosexuality rather than address the charge against him: lewd public behavior.

    Great sock!

  11. That crochet lace is just gorgeous! The only person I’ve seen do crochet lace is my granma.
    I once made a granny-square jacket but that was easy.
    Love your blog

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