Sgt Dave Karsnia

Worth It?

Would the site of this in the stall next to you make you want to give up your life as a respected senator?

He’s Cute, But…
…yeah, not that cute. I’ll keep my job as senator, unless this guy decides to become a mass murderer…you know how much I crave male mass murderers.

This is Sgt. Dave Karsnia, the man that enticed Senator Larry Craig to do things in a Minneapolis airport men’s room. While the two men disagreed about what happened in the bathroom, the honorable senator entered a guilty plea for disorderly conduct. If you have time, check out the official report that Sgt. Karsnia filed, to which the honorable senator admitted by pleading guilty.

Current Knitting
I wasn’t overly ambitious in my knitting the last couple of days, but I was still able to finish the first sock in the second colorway of the Kaffe Regia yarn.

KF Regia 08-31-07

I was hoping more leg would satisfy enough readers that no more knitting would be necessary.

Current Reading
I was able to finish my latest book by Patricia Highsmith, Ripley Underwater. Another book in Ms. Highsmith’s series of books detailing Tom Ripley from The Talented Mr. Ripley, this book details his time living with his wife in a beautiful-sounding town in France. I must admit, I’m getting kind of tired with these stories of a man constantly threatened by the possibility of his past rearing its ugly face, but I will never tire of how wonderfully Highsmith writes.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Concerning Larry Craig, Kathy writes, “And I don’t like that his primary message has been to deny homosexuality rather than address the charge against him: lewd public behavior.”

This is an excellent point, and I appreciate you separating these two issues that most media, and myself have kept entwined. His “disorderly conduct” wasn’t being a homo.

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  1. But I think that lewd homosexual conduct is more strictly policed and punished than its heterosexual counterpart. Hell, public sex amongst heterosexual teens (e.g. in cars) is a trope of many films and TV shows, including things like Happy Days which wasn’t particularly risqué. But a couple of queers have sex in the bushes at night when most people aren’t using the park and all hell breaks loose.

  2. As for cute, the senator never saw the person he was propositioning, if I read the report correctly.


  3. I want some thigh next time, Jos.

    Speaking of public lewdness, I thought I had read that he was peeking thru the cracks (no pun intended) of the stalls before he started giving the secret handshake. But I could be wrong.

    It’s just so stupid. So effing stupid. If people would just accept homosexuality as a biological thing, and eliminate all the faux moralizing and shame, there wouldn’t have to be public lewdness. He could just be gay AND a senator. And we could get that cop working to capture terrorists, rapists, murderers, and lying Attorney Generals.

  4. the airport must have awfully big restroom stalls if there is somewhere else to place your bag other than in front of you. I didn’t know tapping your foot is lewd conduct. What would we do without airport security to alert us to all these dangers? Roll your sock down a little and even you could be in trouble for your posts in the last couple of days.

  5. I was getting a crick in my mouth from grinning at “I am not gay. I love my wife.” Gee, I bet lots of men who are gay and married also love their wives for being their friends, keeping their secrets and trying to make the best of out a situation neither wants to admit.

    The man’s a holier-than-thou fake christian hypocrit…

    p.s. I love your leg

  6. Leaving aside the man’s hypocrisy and amazingly inept mishandling of the whole affair, I can’t help wondering a) who he has upset recently and b) what the Powers That Be might be hoping to distract public attention from?

    There does seem to be the slightest whiff of entrapment about this.

    (Forgive my cynicism, I’m in England. We learn it early!)

  7. From the tapes of the conversation with the police officer, it sounded to me like Craig was convinced that if he just pled guilty to disorderly the whole matter would be swept under the rug and forgotten, and he could pretend it didn’t happen. I think it’s sad he was deceived in that way, I think it’s sad he is deceiving himself about his sexuality. But being straight or gay doesn’t make propositioning anyone for casual sex a wholesome action. I think Craig is in trouble not simply for public sex (trying, not having) as for being hypocritical in his politics. Jove refers to the fetishization of public teen sex, but trolling about for public sex with strangers is socially unacceptable whether it is gay or straight. (Pardon my ranting, my immediate neighborhood just made the local news for netting 40 arrests in a prostitution sting.)

    And did the Senator have a big shopping bag with him? How cliched and passe is that? I heard of that trick (as a straight woman, I assume I am the last to know these things) at least a decade ago, working at a dept store in the Big Easy.

  8. You can get married to try to stop being gay. Or you can become a priest to try to stop being gay. Or you can be the head of the National Evangelical Association and preach against gayness, to try to stop being gay. But if you’re gay, you’re gay. The sooner we all work this out, the fewer messed up guys and heart-broken wives there will be.

    More knitting, less hypocrisy. And more leg!! Woot! Uh, I meant, cute sock.

  9. As Franklin already said: A thong would be great with your socks and all it needs to knit it are the leftover yarns from your Kaffe F socks, because you don’t need that much for a proper thong!!

  10. He is cute! But if only his feet were showing, the Senator must not have been very discriminating.

    Love your blog, I found it through some knitting links. I’m only a sometime and amateur knitter, so I am in awe of people like you!

    And I never knew there were other books with the Tom Ripley character, must check out!

  11. Humm, he’s not bad, but a turn on? And he only reallty saw his feet. Does Karsnia have big feet? And when it comes to an emergency or a quickie, who really cares how someone looks? Female hookers are not known for their beauty after all. Yes he was tagged for disorderly, but making repeated signals is what started it. Then the truth came out. I feel bad for the wife and all the others he has lied to and about. At least Clinton didn’t have to buy it.

    The socks are stunning and the leg is even better!

  12. do you really think the officer ‘enticed’ him? that sort of implies entrapment, which is hardly the case. the officer was there because of complaints of the behavior there.

  13. my guess is Mr. Police Officer and his precinct knew what games Sen. Craig liked to play in that restroom. Craig was no more entrapped than those netted in standard prostitution sting operations. Pheh–I’ll say it: sorry for his wife but if he hadn’t denied/hidden/hated his sexuality, he wouldn’t have to troll restrooms for a little action. The man is a louse. That he was such an opponent of gay-friendly legislation is really heinous. I hope others will begin chanting this: homosexuality is not tantamount to lewdness. Craig, obviously, needs to bugger off.

    It makes me want to curse. Thank god for Joes’ calf; that helps soothe the savage beast…

  14. Oh, Joe — are you showing some leg in the hopes of enticing someone to do things in an airport or elsewhere which they didn’t really want to do??

    Hmm…. well, that is quite the flashy sock, you know. Careful where you wear/show them! 🙂

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