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Early Election Peaking

Have you ever noticed that some candidates for elected office do extremely well too early in a race, and then fizzle before the actual election?

Evil Republican Conspiracy
With the Larry Craig scandal, the Alberto Gonzales and Tony Snow resignations, and the upcoming Petraeus report on Iraq, I’ve got a theory that the republicans are just trying to get all this crap out of the way well in advance of the election next year, so they might have some chance of letting the democratic candidate fizzle.

Okay, so maybe I’m just paranoid.

Also, one last thing on Larry Craig. A good friend suggested something that tickled my funny bone.

He said, wouldn’t it be funny if Craig really wasn’t cruising in that airport bathroom at all, and was really telling the truth that he’s not gay and never has been? After all his hateful rhetoric and voting record in the senate, that would be even more divine justice in my book.

Oh…one other thing related to Larry Craig…did anyone else think that the picture of Sgt Karsnia looked somewhat like a young actor, Ron Eldard?

Ron Eldard Sgt Dave Karsnia

Current Knitting
I didn’t get much done on the second Kaffe sock over the weekend.

KF Regia 09-03-07

You will note, however, that I am making the second sock to match the striping on the first sock. It amazed me how much yarn is wasted when doing this, but I wanted to try it at least.

I did get a lot more done on the crochet lace tablecloth.

Tablecloth 09-03-07

In addition to filling in all the spaces between the stars, I also added five more stars and their corresponding filler emblems.

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  1. Just bought the same KF colour yarn last saturday. With my previous KF knitted socks I tried to make them really different which also took a lot of yarn. But I can use this for my KF thong.
    And Larry Craig………..he is really not my type.

  2. That yarn isn’t wasted! You can use it to make a log cabin afghan, you silly boy! Or bootees for all your friends who are having babies.

  3. You know what they say about paranoia. And, given recent actions/inactions by this administration, you probably are not paranoid enough! Even Ben Stein in his Sunday Morning (CBS) comments was chagrined with the administration, albeit for a different reason. He felt that the GOP left Craig hanging out there on his own to clear the way for other Republicans in the 2008 elections.

  4. You know, Joe, that all that yarn is not “wasted” when you were looking for the right spot to make the stripes match. You will need it later on, when you come to the top! Honest! That’s where it should have been in the first place; somebody just cut the yarn in the wrong place when they were making the ball. Or you took the wrong ball — this one was probably meant for that OTHER pair over there that won’t match now either!

  5. The pathetic part of getting Larry Craig, Alberto Gonzales, and Tony Snow out of the way is the fact that so many Americans won’t even remember them in November 2008.

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