A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in I could sleep for a year or This book weighs a ton.

Useful or Not?
Hyperbole is a common technique used in political jousting to try and discredit the opponent through the use of purposefully exaggerating some aspect that might be offensive to the electorate.

I personally find it offensive, both in my work and personal life, and in politics.

I was listening to an interview with Stephen Walt, who had written The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy, and a follow up interview with Abraham Foxman from the Anti-Defamation league.

I don’t know enough about the Israeli lobby in the U.S. to speak to it, but I can say that from the interviews with the two men, I found Walt’s arguments and ideas to be well thought out and described in a very coherent way. On the other side, I found Foxman’s arguments to be manipulative, hyperbolic and shrill in comparison.

Again, I don’t argue that Walt’s ideas are correct and Foxman’s aren’t…I don’t know enough to say. But I do know that they use of hyperbole in Foxman’s arguments, made him much less believable than Walt.

Current Knitting
It never ceases to amaze me how important a camera cable can be when publishing a blog.

I just started back at work (travelling), and I forgot to pack my camera cable for downloading photos to my PC. I’ll post all the pictures of what I describe this week on Friday.

I finished the other two matching hiking socks from The Knitting Man(ual), and I am quite pleased with both. As a few folks have mentioned, I now have either two matching pairs, or two mismatched pairs. Either way, I like them.

I also spent hours yesterday weaving in all the ends of the crochet lace tablecloth so far. I will be adding new stars to the tablecloth this week.

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  1. I was so intrigued by the stuff about the Israeli Lobby that I bought the hardcover book. Now I just have to read it to find the whole story out. I was influenced by the fact that my daughter attends the university that one of the author’s teaches at. I think the info in this book explains some of the unexplainable war policies of the US.

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