Judgmental Prick 11-09-18

Arrogant Prick

Now that I’m back at work, my daily habits include watching about 15 minutes of one of the morning shows…either Good Morning America, or Today, usually. This past Thursday, Meredith Viera was interviewing Chuck Hagle, and asked him why he had decided to quit the senate at this critical time for the Redumblicans. His response was something like, “Dear, not running for another term is very different than quitting.”


I like Meredith Viera much more than I ever liked Katie Couric on that show. She’s very hardhitting in her interviews, and she doesn’t seem to be afraid of anyone. I find her to be poised, and well-spoken as well. Having some arrogant senator call her “dear”, especially with a patronizing tone, was so completely inappropriate, that it stuck out like a sore thumb.

The incident occurred at the end of the interview, and Ms. Viera handled it with her normal class and dignity, and as she ended the interview, and passed the show over to Ann Curry for the news, Ann cleverly said, “Thank you, dear,” and they both chuckled.

I was glad to see the slight didn’t go unnoticed, and that Ann was able to get at least a little jibe in back at the senator.

Current Knitting
Since Wednesday, I really only added one star to the tablecloth, so I’ll just include the pictures here that were supposed to show on Monday.

First, a pile of socks.

Pile of Socks

These are the four pairs of socks I’ve finished in the last few weeks.

And here are the pictures of me modeling the two pairs of hiking socks.

Hiking Socks Olive Hiking Socks Rust

I feel like I could go out and become a lumberjack.

0 comments on “Arrogant Prick

  1. Yes! A great leg shot! Eye candy in the morning, gotta love it.
    Speaking of eye candy, the sock are awesome…very nice.
    I agree with you about Viera. She is a stong and classy journalist. And I hope the senator felt the stab they gave him. Jerk.

  2. “I cuts down trees, I wear high heels, suspenders and a bra, I wish I’d been a girlie, just like my dear mama.” right on, catmum!

    wow, not one but TWO below the waist shots. I feel faint (fans herself vigorously). oh yeah, the socks look great too.

    have a great weekend!

  3. Very shapely legs and nice knees, Joe. You could be a kilt candidate, and the socks would look great with a kilt too.

    Ah, the paternal patronization. I’m a small woman, and have always looked young for my age, and used to get that attitude alot, at Home Depot and at professional conferences, especially annoying when I was a college prof. It would vanish when they realized I was not a kid, but I used to deal with it often. (I think I am too old and bitchy now for anyone to risk calling me those things unless they know me. well.) Viera is too much of a professional to let anger show, but I’m glad too that the comment wasn’t allowed to pass completely un-noted.

  4. Are we buying MORE KF sock yarn tomorrow at Twist? Yes, we are. I am, anyway.

    For all of Joe’s readers and commenters, shall I sing the Lumberjack Song at the top of my lungs when I see him tomorrow? Or do you think that would ruin our friendship? Probably.

    And I’m thinking that the swanky Joester probably has no clue as to things Pythonesque or the song in question. You know he’ll have to Google it.

  5. I’m glad I’m not giong to be the only one with that song running round my head all night!

    “For all of Joe’s readers and commenters, shall I sing the Lumberjack Song at the top of my lungs when I see him tomorrow?”

    I think you should. I mean, with the provocation of photos of legs, then more photos of legs followed by such a classic lead-in line – what else can you do?

    Lovely legs. Lovely socks. Lovely whatever-that-plant is…

  6. What Ted said… I’ve done socks in Lamb’s Pride before, and they didn’t hold up as well as commercial sock yarn, in 25% poly-whatever has. Maybe you can just indulge your lumberjack fantasies for special occasions!
    Nancy NeverSwept

  7. It seems like the use of the term “dear” has become epidemic. I feel is is as patronizing coming from a woman as a man. I’ve heard it uttered by men, older women, younger women and hate it when its directed at kids as much as when its coming my way!

    Great legs and socks Joe.


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