Sheep 5

Weekend Livestock

Just thought I’d post some of the pictures from the festival this past weekend of the animals.

Sheept 2

Sheep 7

Sheep 1

Current Knitting
I was able to make some additional progress on the crochet tablecloth by adding two more stars, but honestly, I spent most of my time on…

…Current Spinning
Yes, after being inspired by the sheep festival, I finally made my way back to the spinning wheel(s).

Since I had over a pound of new alpaca fleece, I thought that the least I could do is to start carding some of it, so I carded about 1/10th of it.

Alpaca Rolags

It looked (and felt) so lovely, I just had to spin up some of it, so I got out the Louet and spun up some loosely spun chunky singles.

Alpaca Singles 1

I considered plying what I had, but I decided I would wait until I had a full bobbin of singles before plying. This required me to card some more. And spin some more. And card some more. And spin some more. And card some more. And spin some more.

Until I finally finished a full bobbin of singles.

Alpaca Singles 2

I was too close to actual yarn to leave it there, so I wound off the bobbin into a center-pull ball, and then double-plied the singles by pulling off both the center and outer sides of the ball.

I ended up with this.

Alpaca Yarn

This is 6.9 ounces and 314 yards (which at approximately 730 yards per pound, is a chunky Aran weight) of lovely, soft alpaca yarn. I am very pleased with both myself, and the yarn. I will finish the rest of the carding and spinning over the next few weekends.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Crafty Andy comments, “I have tagged you, it is voluntary in my point of view.”

I have made it a policy on my blog not to do tags or memes, so I won’t be participating. But please check out Andy’s nice crochet stuff. Oh, and by the way, of your list of AFI’s top 100 movies, I’ve only seen 60, which is pathetic, since I can ask my partner to bring home any movie I want (usually). I’ve reduced the list to the 40 I haven’t seen, and I’m going to try and work my way through them.

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  1. It is ssooooo beautiful. What do you plan to do with it? I’ve been knitting/crocheting my whole life and just began spinning in the spring. I can’t get enough of it and I really enjoy checking out other spinners yarn.

  2. Hey, I know that sheep! The third one down from the top! She’s from Luzerne County! (She used to live in Lackawanna County, but she moved. Who wants to live in Scranton?)

  3. What beautiful yarn you spun. I am just learning to spin and everytime I go to a show… Rhinebeck, Maryland or Garden State I wanna come home and spin…. but they make it look SOOO EASY.

  4. Everytime after reading your entry I think: The house from that Man must be HUGE considering the amazing amounts of Books, yarns, fleece, knitting needles etc. etc. etc. etc. he is writing about. And how much time has he to do all the beautiful spinning and knitting. Jealous?…….. Me?

  5. Thanks for the pics…I’ll definitely spend more time with our animal friends (the four-legged ones) next month at Rhinebeck.

    The yarn is gorgeous. I know you’ve got plans for it!

    You’ve only seen 60 of AFI’s top 100? When do you sleep?

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