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The leader of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad got a chance to show how ignorant he is (or delusional) in a speech at Columbia University yesterday.

Gay Executions
When asked about the execution of two consenting gay men in Iran (one 22 years old, the other 16 or 17 years old), Ahmadinejad replied with

“In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country. We don’t have that in our country. In Iran we do not have this phenomenon. I don’t know who has told you that we have it.”

Here’s the YouTube video if you haven’t seen it.

Well, perhaps he means homosexuals who are unafraid to be open about their homosexuality, and who could blame them. The nicest part about it was that the audience actually laughed at him. It was great to see New Yorkers ridiculing this dangerous moron.

It reminds me of a story my VP of Human Resources used to tell about one of her counterparts at Johnson & Johnson. The person in charge of Human Resources was asked by the CEO how many gays and lesbians worked at the company. She said she didn’t know, but she’d find out. She came back a week later to report that there weren’t any. She was told to look again.

Current Knitting/Crocheting
I’ve added three more stars to the tablecloth.

Tablecloth 09-26-07

I haven’t done any more work on the sock, but I will when I have a little extra time.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
NancyNeverSwept asks about those socks, “What is that yarn? And what dreadfully small size needles are you using?”

The sock is a Trekker(?…I think) sock yarn I bought a couple of years back. It’s multi-colors of muted dark grays, olives and browns all mixed in together. It is very nice. The needles are US1’s.

Sherrill asks what method I’m using for toe-up socks.

It’s based on Judy Gibson’s “Your Putting Me On Socks”. I modify the number of stitches I start with based on the gauge of the knitting. This one was started with 24 stitches (12 figure eights).

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  1. Carol made me laugh. But she has a point if you can’t bear to make it a tablecloth… Or maybe you have a nice side table.

  2. Now, C, ask Joe what the origin of the word “antimacassar” is. Because that’s exactly what I called his tablecloth. And then told him and Thaddeus what it meant. So Joe, do you remember?

    “Dreadfully small size needles”? I work my socks on 0s. And have been known to use 000s. Socks should be worked as tightly as the stitch pattern allows. They’ll wear better, for one thing.

  3. When I was moving off to San Francisco in the late 80’s, my insurance agent told me about meeting a young man from Central or South America who had visited SF, and was surprised by the open gay community. The young man was assured by his father back home that there were no such thing as “real” gays. He said the local government paid people to act gay, “like a tourist attraction”. I wonder what he would have thought of Southern Decadence in New Orleans.

    Your table cloth is very lovely, I would have given up about 42 stars back. I really admire your persistence and skill.

  4. Macassar hair oil is the culprit. Although I must admit that my father used Brylcream, driving my mother crazy at laundry time trying to get it out of the pillowcases.
    Thanks for the link to the toe-up sock pattern. Will try it next time.

  5. This truly seriously scary man should’ve said, not only do we not have homosexuals in our country; we don’t have the 21st century either.

  6. Denies the Holocaust , denies there are any homosexuals in Iran too.At first I thought let the idiot hoist himself on his own petard . I could not have sat in the same room .

  7. Hi. Just de-lurking to say I laughed out loud at my neighbor recently when he said his little boys were playing with a ‘girl’s’ big wheel because ‘they didn’t know any better’. This particular bigwheel was red, purple and white. No other embellishments to gender identify. I didn’t realize he was actually being serious for a few seconds. And there’s my 2 yr old son in his older sister’s handmedown pink t-shirt…

  8. Thanks all for the yarn ID. While I know that firmly knit socks wear much better, my hands are unhappy with smaller-than-US1 needles, so I tend to avoid super fine yarns. But if Trekking can be done on 1s, I’ll look for that colorway… and the new book, too.
    Nancy Neverswept

  9. Mahmoud seems to be taking up the Outrageous Banner that was once carried by Kadafi. When I heard his comments, “don’t ask, don’t tell” and the Dolak “exterminate! exterminate!” came to mind. Dangerous moron is right…but he is so stupid not to think people can’t see his foolishness and laugh.

    I love watching the progress on someting lovely…and something I would never attempt.

  10. Hi Joe!

    Could you maybe describe how you keep all of your knitting supplies organized? Especially needles. I have a small space and am constantly searching for the size I need.

    Love your blog!

    Another queer knitter
    NY, NY

  11. Well, what would you say if you were the leader of people who executed people for being gay? It’s not like he can single handedly turn his country tolerant. I don’t think his stance is the most admirable one by any means but he is not condemning any one or anything, so I think it is an acceptable statement.

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