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  1. you are indeed a great cineophile—many of my favorites here.

    And truly, the hardest part of becoming a parent as mature adults has been losing movie time together. If I have to watch High School Musical 2 one more time….

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog (although I do read it often), I agree that you do have exquisite taste in movies. Many of those I love.

    I will have update my Netflix queue to include some of those on your list I have not see (or heard of, in a few cases).

  3. Oh “The Secret of Roan Inish” is just wonderful , Haskell Wexler’s cimematography is just beautiful. I only have six of your list that I love. I’d have to say “Fargo” was a real surprise I loved it despite being squeamish. I guess my all time favourite is “Like Water for Chocolate” .

  4. With all of the movies that come out each year, it is just so hard to pick from the possible new favorites and the old ones a list. Your list is interesting, and reminds me of how few movies I’ve actually seen. I’ll try some of your selections as a change in pace from some of my standard fare.

  5. how about “harold and maude” or “harold and kumar go to white castle”?

    some of your titles intrigue me, and other titles I have wanted to rent and never got around to it.

    that’s gonna change…

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