Strauche Drum Carder

Rhinebeck Was A Success

Not only did I get everything I wanted, and a little more, but I got to meet up with friends, meet a few great folks, and overall enjoyed myself.

I didn’t buy that much (Mel is thinking I’m lying right now), but I did spend a lot.

My first visit was with Dr. Mel himself.

Mel and me

I also ran into Mel’s partner, David a few minutes later, and those two make a wonderful couple. Mel is as delightful as I had imagined him to be, and even more attractive in person (the kilt helped out making that determination).

I completed three of my five goal-purchases with Mel in my very first booth.

First, I found an alpaca roving and a small amount of alpaca fleece that I think will match the color of the recent bulky alpaca yarn I spun. Hopefully when carded and spun, I will have enough for a cardigan.

Alpaca mix

On the left of the picture above is the yarn I spun, then the roving that made that yarn. The next two items are the roving and the locks of alpaca I bought from Mel.

Then, I bought a couple of gift items from David’s line of Red Maple products. They are truly sublime, and I may need to keep at least the one pair of socks (the red ones of course.

RedMaple Gift Items

Finally, I bought a sweater’s worth of the yarn from their Alpaca herd.

Mels Alpaca Yarn

I have been doing nothing but dreaming of how best to use this yarn in a new sweater.

After my first shopping binge, I met up with friends Carol and her friend Laura, Marilyn, Fredda, Ted, and Ted’s friend David. Shortly thereafter, we ran into Kathy and Selma. Lars joined us at lunch, and Steve and Sue from Twist came and sat for a moment to say hi. It was a pleasure to see each of them, and honestly, the best part of going to Rhinebeck at all.

I got the chance to also meet Véronik Avery (Carol is right, she is just wonderful), and readers Mindy and one of the Ann’s and her friend (sorry, I forgot your name). It made me remember why I enjoy a certain part of the knitting community very much.

Carol and Lars
Carol Kathy Selma
Fredda copyMarilyn Veronique Carol

After lunch, Thaddeus helped me pick out my biggest purchase of the day, a Strauch drum carder.

Strauche Drum Carder

Yes, I decided to go with the brand that most folks recommended to me, and also the best model they have. I am extremely happy with it. I spent a few hours Saturday night carding/blending the alpaca fleece and alpaca roving I bought from Mel’s booth, and this machine is smooth, sturdy and does a spectacular job.

I can’t wait to see what it does with wool.

Speaking of which, my final purchase of the day was a cormo fleece.

Cormo Fleece

I bought this from a small farm from upstate New York, called Blackberry Hills Farm. The woman was quite knowledgeable and helpful and this huge freakin’ fleece was very inexpensive. She had a white cormo fleece, but I preferred the darker color. I get to thank Jam the ram each time I scour, card, spin and knit with this lovely fiber.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding my list of 100 favorite movies, one of the Ann’s noted, “I found your 100 interesting, and saw a few that I had missed out on seeing. I would go for a few more classics, a few more SciFi”

I tried to pick from a multitude of genres, directors, actors and time periods, but it got extremely difficult to whittle my list down to 100. I have another dozen or so movies that missed the list, but are still among my favorites, and probably dozens more that just didn’t even occur to me.

On the same subject, Karen asks, “Have you seen Nine Queens?”

No, but it’s certainly looks like a movie I’d enjoy adding to my list. I’ll have to check it out, thanks.

0 comments on “Rhinebeck Was A Success

  1. Let me just say, David says you’re his hero now. And the farm yarn continued to sell quite well.

    My Rhinebeck haul will be posted tomorrow, hopefully.

  2. I missed you there but we did cross paths – I walked into Dr. Mels as you were taking that picture – next year I need to be more aggressive to meet all the bloggers and remember the moo cards – Rhinebeck was a blast and I’m already planning next years trip! Glad you had such a great time 🙂

  3. Oh, you’re going to love the Strauch, I know it. Amazing machine.

    Also- seriously- the kilt thing? What is that? I love a man in a kilt but I’ve never understood why. It just makes a man look good.

    Thanks for the view of Rhinebeck- next year I’m going, for sure.

  4. I had a BLAST myself, but somehow managed to miss seeing you. I agree with Karen though: I need to hunt down more of the bloggers and meet the people who’s lives and adventures I read about.

  5. Great legs Joe!!!!! Maybe 1 day I show you mine wearing my new knitted socks, but unfortunately id really feels that summer is over here, so no time anymore for wearing shorts but warm swaeters, shawls and mittens.
    But how wonderfull this Rhinebeck festival must have been, and what nice stuff you have bought!!! 🙂

  6. Between your legs and Mel’s, I’d say that I’m ready for a Homo Can-can. How about it? You two would make fine addition to Les Ballet Trockadero, dontcha think? If you can do kilts, you can do tutus. En pointe.

  7. I am so envious of your carder. I will be having dreams tonight… I want one so badly bit I will have to be content with purchased and Lord knows there is plenty of lovely fiber made available by small operations.
    Enjoy that carder, and if you find a 60 year old hag, hanging around and she has a little red wagon with a heavy lump in it…and a large bag with what appeares to be rags and fluffy brown stuff, that is just your neighborhood bag lady. Not me sneaking away with your serious goodies.

  8. It was very nice to finally meet you and Thaddeus and Marilyn. I too am envious of your carder — it’s on my list. We felt up those fleeces and decided we need to bring an extra suitcase next year.

  9. Joseph, darling, a first indeed.
    One Rhinebeck photo in many years where I don’t look exactly like a moon-faced git.

    Every time I hear some asshole shrieking endlessly across a crowded parking lot for some other asshole who won’t respond I’ll think fondly of you.

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