Theres No Place Like Home

Back To Reality

Or at least, back to work. Like Christmas always did when I was a kid, Rhinebeck went by so quickly, especially after all the anticipation.

Next Few Weeks
This week and the next two will have me traveling quite a bit. I’ll be continuing to travel to Wilmington, Delaware each week, but also in the middle of each week, I’ll be traveling to Grand Rapids, Michigan, Cleveland, Ohio, and Portland, Oregon.

With all this travel, I’m not quite sure how much time I’ll be able to devote to blogging or the knitting/spinning/crocheting that gives me reason to blog.

I’ll do what I can to keep up.

Good Cause
Please check out this great idea. It’s an auction of designer sweaters from various publications that will benefit Rwanda. If there’s anything you can bid on, please do.

Current Knitting/Crocheting
I didn’t give a progress report on Monday, but not because of lack of progress.

Tablecloth 10-23-07

You’ll note, I’ve added 2 more large stars, and filled in five of the small motifs as well. It’s nice when the countdown number of 76 stars left is getting closer to the number already completed. Soon enough, it will be all down hill.

Current Spinning
I finished up the second spool of Corriedale singles, and then double-plied it to get this lovely hank of approximately worsted weight yarn.

Corriedale Hank 1
Corriedale Yarn 1

This is 426 yards (or 6.2 ounces) of soft, silky, lofty yarn. I started to ply up the remainder of the singles, but didn’t finish, so I’ll post about progress on more Corriedale next week.

More Stash Purchases – Books
Having had the opportunity to meet Véronik Avery at Rhinebeck, I now definitely want her book, Knitting Classic Style. Based on Carol’s no-bull review, I should have already purchased it, but I hadn’t. You know it’s interesting how getting to know someone’s personality, even a little bit, makes me more interested in owning their book.

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  1. Thanks for the info on Rwanda Knits. I may not bid on anything, but will donate for sure. And hey, all that traveling should give you some down time for knitting…

  2. Joe, when you are in Cleveland try to stop at Susans Yarns in Cleveland Hts. John, the owner, is a knitter, crocheter, and spinner. If youare here on Thursday night, he has an open knit-in at his shop.

  3. Your spinning looks really great. I’m a spindle spinner, so I can only dream of great hanks like that!

    My weekend passed much the same way. Back to school and work today.

  4. Hey, are you takin’ my job? Sheesh. I drove past Wilmington on the way down to MD yesterday and thought of you.

    Listen, those of us who travel for work do exactly that–work. We don’t have a spare minute for ourselves, let alone yarn shop visiting. It’s enough for me that I can collapse in my hotel room and get a little knitting done before I pass out.

    That Corriedale is sublime! A beautiful job!

  5. Grand Rapids? Would be great to meet you in person, actually. Any chance of you getting over in these parts?

    We’re just over an hour from there, so it would be a pleasant drive…lemme know if we can assist!

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