Cochineal and Nico

Today’s Episode…

…we get to watch Joe and his paint dry, or in other words…

…Painfully Slow Crochet Progress
Even though I’m moving more and more quickly, it seems like I will never finish this tablecloth.

Tablecloth 10-31-07

You’ll note that I was able to add 3 more stars to the ever-growing tablecloth. And that was on a school night. And even with this kind of speedy crocheting, I’m still only halfway done with this project.

The way I figure it, I have to suffer through persisting till this beautiful project is done, and so do the readers of the blog (as my readership goes down to 2 hits a day).

Current Reading
I just finished an absolutely dreadful book that I most vehemently don’t recommend.

Death Voodoo Doll


Death of a Voodoo Doll by Margot Arnold is not only a murder mystery book (which is a genre I don’t usually enjoy very much) but it’s an absolutely awful example. Her storyline is disjointed and stuttering. The solving of the murder isn’t at all clever or interesting. And she tries to add interest to her characters by surrounding them in all sorts of ineffective mystique. This was a waste of my reading time.

The book was written a while ago, and is part of a series of mysteries involving the same two so-called detectives, and I have one other in the series. I will not be reading it. Looking at the Amazon listing for this book will give you an idication of its value. Used copies for $1.40, and that is exorbitant.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Fredda writes, “The new ragg sweater looks interesting and as soft as I thought it would. My screen shows the dark part of the yarn as taupe and brown. How close am I?”

Very close…the dark color ranges from almost black to reddish brown and taupe for the lighter color is pretty accurate. The yarn is amazingly soft and silk, as is the resulting fabric.

Regarding my computer woes, Marilyn writes, “WTF is wrong with the computer? Email me. I’ll help you without making you feel stupid. I promise.”

Actually, my computer is completely unusable at this point. I’ve got a loaner for the week while they configure a new one for me. All in all, it’s working out quite well, in that I get a much nicer computer. It was how I broke it that was so stupid.

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  1. Always a plus, breaking your work laptop. Then they have to get you something newer, faster, and better. I’d like to throw my piece o’ crap HP out the window. But then I’ll just get another HP. The discerning IT professional usually likes Toshiba or Dell. Not HP or IBM ThinkPads.

    But ‘fess up. How did you break it? Public humiliation is always good for the soul.

  2. HI Joe-
    Wow the tablecloth is impressive. I’m glad to find your blog and will check back often to see your work. Happy Halloween

  3. If it’s a dell, then (after having gone through 2 laptops) I’d say don’t sweat it. Secondly, I want to see that finished because it’s an awesome looking project. Right now when school gets really busy and I’m barely finding enough time to do laundry, I substitute my therapy with enjoyment of looking at other’s enthusiasm and creativity! Thanks! PS: sorry I missed you at Rhinebeck.

  4. My ancient Frankenstein computer died a few weeks ago. Ignominiously, in a hail of hideous viruses caught coincidently (I think not) as soon as I paid for and downloaded Norton Antivirus 08.

    Through the kindness and genius of The Boy, I am the mystified proud owner of a new MacBook.

    Just think of the possibilities for anonymous bitter mean hater comments.

  5. I like watching this paint dry.
    Two hits a day isn’t bad. Unless you’re the hitmonger you’re rumored to be.

    How ’bout that Democratic Congress, hey?

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