Bustling Activity

Thank goodness for coffee with all that’s going on in my knitting world. I may have to upgrade to methamphetamines soon if this pace keeps up.

Take a Breath
It’s pretty bad when writing my blog entry for the day turns out to be my only form of meditation and calm.

First of all, you’ll note in the “Current Knitting/Crocheting” section that I had three projects going on at once this past weekend.

Second, Ted and I are working on trying to create a knitting retreat for men in early Spring of next year. More will be revealed soon.

Third, I’m getting the house ready for visitors both this coming weekend and the following. This coming weekend is my sister-out-of-law, and then next weekend, James of Fibre Alive will be staying with us from the far reaches of New Zealand.

Finally, I found a new Amazon widget that allows me to show downloadable movies in the left-hand frame of my blog (at the bottom). They only have 45 of my 100 favorite movies that are available for download, but I figure if anyone wanted to try watching any of my twisted and strange movies on their computer, and couldn’t find them at their local Blockbuster, then this might be a good option.

Current Knitting
Projects three:

1. First of all, I kept up my frantic pace on the tablecloth by adding another three large stars.Tablecloth 11-05-07


I kept telling anyone that asked that I was hoping to finish the tablecloth by Thanksgiving, but I’m not holding out much hope for that. And honestly, Thaddeus and I take a friend out to dinner on Thanksgiving anyway, so I’d have no dinner table to use this cloth for, unless I brought it to the restaurant.

2. I continued work on the Alpaca All-Herd Yarn Jacket.

Alpaca Jacket 11-05-07

This picture shows the pattern stitch a little better, but the color of the yarn shows up much lighter as a result. I really don’t think there’s anyway of getting both to look true in the picture.

3. Finally, I tried on a sweater I knit last year using some homespun Blueface Leicester, and I absolutely hated how big I had made the neck opening.

Faux Done

I found the leftover yarn from this project (I had forgotten how soft and fine it was), and corrected the neck to a much smaller, although still a little messy.

Faux 11-05-07

But at least now I can wear this nice sweater.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Carol asks, “Qu’est-ce que sait “poo-tags”?”

You know, those little pieces of sheep dip that got stuck in the fleece, and the fibers get all mashed into it, creating a little blog of furry poo. Kind of disgusting, especially when you thought the yarn was supposed to be clean.

Regarding my laptop issues, Marilyn writes, “Well, blame your stupid IT department for giving you a wireless card when you didn’t need one.”

Actually, that was the stupid piece of the story…on my part. The laptop was given to my by IT with wireless card. When I got a wireless network in my house, I didn’t know I had a wireless card already, so I bought one. Pretty clueless on my part. And as for Air Cards, I absolutely don’t want one. I already feel like I have a leash around my neck without having the ability to access e-mail from every nook and cranny in the universe.

0 comments on “Bustling Activity

  1. Yeah, you probably want to skirt it prior to washing it next time. the fiber that is in the poo-tags (I keep trying to type poo-tang *sigh*) tends to be damaged and unattractive.
    Cormo can be a bitch to get the grease out of. I have taken to processing it in tiny batches, either in my dye pot on the stove or in the dye crock pot on low with the cover tipped so it does not simmer.

  2. I can’t wait to meet James! I’m so looking forward to that weekend. And a respite from moving crap to E’burg.

    Much improved neckline, lovely alpaca sweater, nifty tablecloth progress. And you say you work? Huh. I nod off with my knitting in my lap on the train, the only time lately that I have to do much of anything.

    I bought my Cormo already prepped. From Skaska at Rhinebeck last year. Get the message?

    Well, um, yeah, my sweet dope, one should check to make sure that one has a wireless card implanted in one’s laptop. DUH. But I love you for humiliating yourself upon my prodding. Mwah.

  3. Love the magic you did to your sweater. It’s perfect and looks great on you.

    If you need a worker, albeit female, at the retreat, I’m available!!!

  4. Wow–that is an amazing fix on the big necked sweater (agree it was too big, disagree on the messy–it looks great). I have to say, this is what makes you a great knitter and me just a knitter. Had I produced a sweater with such a huge neck, I would have been very sad. Perhaps I would have ripped it out and started again, but I probably would have hid it away and knitted some sweaters….

  5. A few observations, if I may.

    1. I rather love the image of you swooping into the restaurant on Thanksgiving Day and insisting on using your own, crocheted tablecloth. Absolutely beyond gay, darling.

    2. The revised sweater: awesome.

    3. I second Jan’s comment about the shorts. You cannot blame us for trying.

  6. {{Psst!}} Joe! We are not “…trying to create a knitting retreat…” We’re simply working out some bugs in the planning. The retreat is a go.

    I am so envious that James is staying at your place.

  7. From the far reaches of New Zealand indeed… via London, Belfast and Holmfirth (the home of Rowan yarns). I’m just as excited about finally getting to meet so many of you all.

  8. Hey Joe! nice to know knitting can be fixed. Although I have a quandry.
    I made a baby blanket as a sort of sampler of stitches and one of them I really messed up on .. in the middle of the finished blanket. I am going to try and fix it, but … I’m still pondering it.

    I like Clockwork Orange too. I have a guild on World of Warcraft called Ultraviolent Justice. But I don’t think most of my members get the connection.

    Good job on the repair.

  9. gosh i love the sweater i would love one in moss grean lovley and warm for my winter here in england im i cheeky if i ased if i could buy one please

  10. Wish I could have hidden away In James’s bags… ::sniff:: have a great meetup and I’ll hear all the goss when he returns downunder.

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