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Frustrated On All Fronts

My travel knitting/crocheting it totally screwed up this week and I’m left working on a project I’m not enjoying at the moment.

Bad Knitting Week
I brought three projects to Delaware this week to work on.

1. The crochet tablecloth
2. The alpaca herd jacket
3. A new secret project that I may want to publish

Being all excited about the new project (it involves Koigu), I decided to work on that mostly this week to try and get it finished. Searching through my travel-knitting bag, I realized I hadn’t brought the crochet hook with me for this project (see, you’re finding out more about it than I cared to tell…it’s a crochet project!).

I then started working diligently on the Alpaca Herd Jacket. Alternating between balls of yarn, I finished the sleeve shaping and was just about to get to the collar shaping when I realized I hadn’t brought any extra balls of yarn. I had to put this project down.

Alpaca Jacket 11-28-07

Which left me with the tablecloth. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy doing this fine crochet lace…except when I find a mistake in the work I’ve already completed. So I’ve decided to try correcting a few of my mistakes.

Tablecloth 11-28-07

You’ll see that I’ve made it look like a person missing teeth, and I still need to take out another large motif…ugh. This kind of fix always seems so daunting and complex, but I guess it really isn’t. It is time consuming, however.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Barbara writes, “I’ve been looking at the Jojoland Harmony – what are the color lengths like – how long are the repeats – do you know?”

I don’t know, but if you have access to Ravelry, there are a few projects out there with pictures showing how it knits up.

Cara asks, “Where in Philadelphia can you get silk blend Manos?”

Sherry W. answered that Rosie’s Yarn Cellar has it, and I got it at Twist in New Hope (I think).

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0 comments on “Frustrated On All Fronts

  1. Ah, Joe, old crochet buddy, you can tell me about your secret project… unless you don’t want criticism.
    Where will you publish it?

  2. I’d suggest that you could get something new to work on, but that doesn’t stop the miasma of yuck of all the little things going wrong. Sometimes I think it is more frustrating to have the little things going wrong than the big ones.

  3. Me, I applaud you doing the time-consuming fixes. It can be so annoying at the time, but have you ever, once the thing is done, regretted the time you spent fixing? I know I haven’t.

  4. I’m guessing that the secret project might be along the lines of what we saw in the yarn store at Princeton.

    I opened my bag on the train yesterday only to discover that I had left my cable needle at home… sure I can knit the simple cable pattern I’m working on without the cable needle but my tension changes… falling behind on my Christmas knitting with postal deadlines looming is making me tense! πŸ™‚

  5. Nice jacket, alpaca is my fav. yarn to knit with…or maybe baby alpaca..

    I also want to say, * gasp * to the amazing crocheted table clothe motif, it’s beautiful!


  6. i’m with seanna lee…isn’t not having the right project a terribly good excuse to get the stuff for another one???

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