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An Overlap in Hobbies

Many of you know that my partner Thaddeus has a hobby of foraging for wild mushrooms. I know it’s stating the obvious, but it’s rare when his and my hobbies overlap.

Two Examples of Overlap
The first example Thaddeus discovered a number of years ago were a couple of mycologists (mushroom people), who used mushrooms to dye wool.

More recently, I found some knitted artwork that include knitted mushrooms in the landscapes. I found this site through Dutch Jan (who comments here often). Scroll down to see all the clever faux-nature items made with knitting.

Current Knitting
I did a lot of work on my new secret project, but I also put some work into the Alpaca Herd Jacket.

Alpaca Jacket 12-01-07

This is a picture of the left front complete and attached to the back. I’ve also just barely started the right front, and I’ll be working on it this coming week.

It’s also been a while since I posted a picture of our little Nico, so I figured I’d indulge myself a little today.

Nico 12-01-07

Thaddeus has helped make this little guy a wonderfully playful and affectionate cat. He’s a pleasure to have around.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Carol writes, “Might I inquire about the link to the memorial fund?”

Yes, thanks for noticing. I’m currently working with a new coworker, Andy Spector whose brother, Adam, died of Hodgkin’s this past April. To help fund research for this dreadful form of cancer, Andy set up a web site in his brother’s memory. The Adam Spector fund has already sourced over $100,000 in contributions towards Hodgkin’s research. I was hoping readers might be also be inspired to help out if they could.

Ted asks, “What kind of bag do you carry your knitting (and balls of yarn and needles and hooks and so on) in?”

Mostly in canvas bags I’ve gotten at various yarn stores, such as Simply Knit. I have projects in bags all over the house, and almost all of them are some form of shopping bag. I have small tools bag I keep by my knitting chair that looks like a small handled shopping bag as well, although it’s made of plastic mesh.

Franklin writes, “Me, I applaud you doing the time-consuming fixes. It can be so annoying at the time, but have you ever, once the thing is done, regretted the time you spent fixing?”

Thanks, I hate sitting my stubborn ass down to do the fixes, but I never regret having completed them.

Adam Spector Hodgkins Memorial Fund

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  1. It seems to me that I had some cool knitted mushroom patterns at some point. Probably from a Jan Messent book. I like that the flowers and mushrooms went out and got photographed in the wild. For some reason that just amuses the heck out of me.

  2. Joe, thanks for that knitted landscape link! I loved the flower in the dead rose garden and the one growing from the thatched roof and the seashells!
    Oh, and the mushroom that looked like a fairy tale toadstool.
    Except that’s what toadstools really look like.

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