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With the latest information on Iran’s nuclear activity, and the president’s insistence that we still need to take strong measure against them, I can only believe that there is some other agenda than the safety of this country.

Who Can Believe What He Says?
QueerJoe hasn’t been overly political lately, but the most recent press conference has me very worried. The bull-headed man in the White House seems hell-bent on bringing us to the rapture during his term in office. It’s clear now that his intentions for Iran weren’t very positive. Even with evidence to support that Iran is less of a threat than we’ve been told, the idiot is still insisting we need to treat them as a grave danger.

Is this his way of assuring some kind of legacy other than “the stupidest president we’ve ever elected?”

Don’t get me wrong, I think that the Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran is somewhat worse than our president in terms of his fundamentalist views and how he incites hatred. But I don’t think that, in and of itself, makes Iran a threat to this country’s security.

Can you impeach a president for stupidity?

Current Knitting
I worked on the Alpaca Herd Jacket over the weekend, getting done most of the first sleeve. I took a great picture of the progress, but then proceeded to leave my camera at home when I came to Wilmington this morning.

Now I just have to do the sleeve cap and the second sleeve…and of course the collar and button band. I’m quite pleased with my progress, especially since I had to rip out about 10 inches of the original sleeve because it was two narrow.

Kitty Porn
I do have a wonderful picture of Nico to share to try and make up for my lack of knitting pictures.


Ain’t he gorgeous?

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  1. Oh, he is sooo handsome!

    And as far as the Idiot in the WH, we (the nation) swallowed real hard when the issue of Iraq was brought up. And so far, 4192 UK and American deaths, 20 million people displaced,over 600,000 Iraqi deaths (according to a Lancet estimate), and a cost of a half billion dollars. No WMD, no Bin Laden ties, ….nothing. (I will not get into how he has shredded the Constitution and “written in that laws he has signed don’t apply to him)

    So why then…and why Iran now? Control of oil and to disrupt the ME.

    Stupidest president, I wish I could agree with you. The most dispicable and amoral seems more like it. We must vote people like that out of power.

  2. Wow, that is one nice pussy shot.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t figure out the logic behind saying “Yes, we were totally wrong and Iran is NOT making WMD, but it just goes to show that we were right even though we were wrong.” I find it jawdropping and depressing to consider how little the media calls Bush on these kinds of logical disconnects, remembering all sorts of furor over a stupid blow job a couple of years ago.

    Speaking of the “liberal” media’s inability to focus on scary situations, consider the Huckabee/paroled rapist/born again crap that’s being ignored.


  3. Great Kitty Pron – your second or third calling could be as a “Glamour Shot” photog for felines.

    With regard to “The Worst President Ever” – I dream that Barbara is going around with a little button that says “Don’t blame me– I wanted an abortion”. I’m more committed than Kucinich – impeach Cheney and then go after Bush.

  4. What a beautiful kitty! If only I weren’t allergic…

    The most interesting aspect of this latest Iran development is one that’s been unaddressed by the press so far: why is the leak happening now? Is there some sort of coup happening in the nonpartisan bureaucracy? Perhaps they’re tired of having to pander to these morons and say things that just aren’t true. Whatever the reason, it’s compelling…

  5. thanks for the nico shot; he is well loved by both of you!

    don’t even get me started about washington or I might explode…


    …ooops, too late!

  6. I have distrusted George W. Bush for about as long as I can remember (since 9/11, really. I was 14 at the time, and didn’t care about much before then),but the clincher was when I found out he said, in regards to the US Constitution, “it’s just a goddamn piece of paper”.

    What did you think about Clinton saying that students in Iowa shouldn’t be allowed to caucus because that should be reserved for citizens and taxpayers of that state?

  7. Nico is a cutie, and see? the distraction works. we don’t even notice the lack of knitting.

    Is there a legacy to be gained for W by invading Iran besides “Stupidest PERSON Ever?” Even if I were supporting such a move, the American military is stretched thin as it is, we can’t afford to open another pointless and costly front.

    I’m reading Persepolis 2, interesting view on the 20th century and Iran from a personal pov.

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