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Knitting Project Bags for Men

The Queer Ravelry forum on Ravelry had a string of posts on project knitting bags with some new and interesting ideas.

A Manly Bag
Since I carry my knitting projects with me to hotels each week, I prefer something to carry them in that’s better than a brown paper sack, but not too purse-like. I end up using those cotton/canvas/handle/tote bags.

One of my favorite search terms for knit-project bags is in “Gardener’s Bag

I also love looking through Lowes and Homo Depot for Tool Bags

Both of these sources seem to be good for non-standard project bags. They often have flat/hard bottoms that stand on their own and they have lots of pockets.

One of the guys on the Ravelry group put this excellent knit-travel kit together.

I bet he could market that.

Current Knitting
I finished the sleeves and the sewing up of the Alpaca Herd Jacket.

———Picture Will Be Posted Tuesday Morning…Sorry—————

When I try it on, the neck opening is wider than I planned (again!), so I’ll have to compensation for that with whatever collar I decide to make for it. David’s One Herd Alpaca Yarn is incredibly warm and silky soft, and the small pattern stitch I used in the garment worked out perfectly for a slightly bulky yarn.

Holiday Cards
Thaddeus is getting as bad as I am about my knitting obsession. He found out that the post office had knit stamps this year for their holiday stamp offering.

Xmas Stamps Xmas Stamps Close

Knowing that I wouldn’t send my cards out with anything less, he bought a couple of sheets.

Smart man.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Carol asks, “Are you hinting for Thaddeus to get you a handheld GPS for Christmas?”

No, not really. The truth of the matter is that 92.3% of my driving is done to places that I’m already familiar with, so I wouldn’t need a GPS. It’s the 7.7% of the time that puts me in a cold sweat.

I got a couple of e-mails asking if DAD was a real disease. Mostly from folks that were glad to have finally had a way to label their panic at getting lost.

I actually made DAD up, but most of my symptoms were true.

Adam Spector Hodgkins Memorial Fund

0 comments on “Knitting Project Bags for Men

  1. My husband insisted on getting a GPS in his last car because he was sick of getting lost. I scoffed, I didn’t think we went to very many new places. I was wrong, so wrong. So last Christmas we got a hand-held model so I could have something in my car. And it’s really come in handy when we go on vacation.

  2. I love that knitting kit and bag, I would use it. I am usually toting around one bag that serves as knitting tote, diaper bag, and purse all at the same time, and tends to look overstuffed.

    GPS are nice, but a friend with DAD symptoms had a GPS take her on a long and convoluted voyage when all she really needed to do was pull a 3-point turn in a driveway.

  3. Just stay away from the talking GPS.
    Selma From De Voods has one, referred to as “the
    bitch in the box”.
    Boy does she get pissy if you deviate even slightly from her instructions.
    “Turn around now. turn around now. TURN AROUND

  4. I moved across country and was lucky enough, at my ae, to find a job. My boss got tired of paying me (I’m hourly) to find addresses in this unfamiliar area. So he pays for the GPS through the business cell phone. Of course, the first time I used it, it got me lost! But after that, no problems. There are different “plans” and I, too, use it about 7% of the time. I agree that the voices do become very bitter, should you deviate from their directions.

  5. I suffer from DAD part of the time also. My husbeast and I love the TomTom. The voice doesn’t get nasty when you deviate from it’s course; it just recalculates the route. Even though I’m Jewish, I love the stamps, they’re great! Every knitter should have them. Just wish USPS would do a stamp for us spinners. Loraine

  6. Joe, I’ve gone through the bag dilemma as well and found a great bag.

    Their messenger bag is totally appropriate for a man and can hold larger projects and accessories.

    And no, I’m not affilated with the company. Christmas is just a few days away, still time for an addition to your list to Santa!

  7. Yes – I also like them with flat/hard bottoms, that stand on their own and have lots of pockets, that’s what’s on my Christmas list!

  8. Liza, put your yarn balls in a ball bag?

    As scary as the nut sack is, I recall my dad trying to make one from a goat scrotum when I was about 9, thinking I would use it for a change purse. Soeone tossed it out, I can’t imagine why!

  9. We got those stamps for our cards this year (I still have a few still waiting for me to send them out). It wasn’t even a question when we saw them, because I always like the holiday stamps (for any religion).

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