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On-Line Delivery Complaints

This year I heard a lot more complaints about bad customer service and awful delivery stories for gifts ordered on-line.

Amazon Tip
If you want to guarantee that a package arrives from Amazon in less than two weeks, definitely don’t choose free shipping.

I ordered two supposed Christmas gifts and a few books from Amazon on December 11th, and they finally arrived yesterday…the day after Christmas.

Fortunately, I was able to purchase one of the gifts at the mall on Christmas Eve day (a nightmare) and the other one wasn’t that important.

My sister-out-of-law also noted that she will never order from Brookstone again based on her gift ordering experience.

I order a lot of my gifts on-line, and I’ve had some issues in the past, but this year seems to have a lot more problems than usual.

Current Knitting
I finished the Alpaca Herd Jacket this past Saturday. I ended up being at an AC Moore, and picked up buttons that worked very well.

Alpaca Herd Jacket Joe

Alpaca Herd Jacket Joe Front

I the sleeves were longer than I’d hoped, so I ended up removing the decorative finish I had originally intended, and just used a roll-edge.

The sweater is very heavy, but also incredibly warm and oh so soft. I will be wearing this sweater often.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Teresa writes, “he jacket is just gorgeous and I hope you find buttons soon, but what is the status on your tablecloth?”

I picked it up again after thinking that I had removed all the messed up motifs. I started re-crocheting the ripped out ones, and it appears I didn’t fix all the incorrectly set stars…ugh!

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0 comments on “On-Line Delivery Complaints

  1. Jos, hen, your alpaca sweater is enormously handsome.
    You should close your eyes more often but I think that third photo is quite attractive.

    I got an Ikea gift card!

  2. what, no leg shot? πŸ˜‰

    I second kathy on the third photo!

    all my amazon stuff arrived on time AND the free shipping selection was used. in the 10 years I have been shopping with them, only twice were my items not delivered on time. luck of the draw, I guess.

    happy great 2008 to you and thaddeus and nico!

  3. We had no problem with Amazon’s free shipping. S*ar’s.com is another story altogether. Part of the problem was caused by the massive website crash on Black Friday, but everything after that was pure clusterfuck. The short version? I spoke to 17 people and got 15 different versions of the problem and solution. Absolutely no communication between departments–after we were told the camera didn’t ship to the store, and we cancelled the order; we were at the store, and randomly checked the delivery department; the camera was there! But we didn’t get the originally promised discounts, the last supervisor revoked the previous supervisor’s adjustments. My last comment to them–“No wonder Wal-Mart kicks your ass.”
    Never again.

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