Happy New Year

Hopefully this year will be firstly happy, secondly healthy and also prosperous for the folks that read this blog (and the author).

Holidays Over
This evening marks the official end of the holiday season and tomorrow I head back to work. The aluminum tree is back in the box and stored along with the minimal amount of decorations we put out this year.

I both gave and received some very nice gifts this year, and I am quite happy with how Christmas turned out.

From a knitting perspective, the only relevant gift is obviously one of my favorites. I have a gift certificate for Webs burning a hole in my pocket. Normally, I would have made a pilgrimage to Webs when I was at my sister-out-of-law’s house, but I didn’t really feel like leaving the warmth and good food of the S-O-O-L’s house. I will just place an on-line order to use the very generous gift.

Current Knitting
I’ve been feeling like knitting something just for the fun of it lately. Lace always fits the bill, and what more useless color could I knit than fluorescent red?

Red Lace 01-01-08

It’s difficult to get a good picture of this with a flash…these are the best two that I took. This is the first 27 rounds of the “Springtime” Design in Marianne Kinzel’s First Book of Modern Lace Knitting (I can’t believe this book is available for under US$10 and US$20.90 for both the first and second). I’m not sure how far I’ll be able to get with the amount of yarn I have on the cone (it’s 100% cotton and the color is quite a bit brighter than my monitor shows).

Adam Spector Hodgkins Memorial Fund

0 comments on “Happy New Year

  1. Love it! That red woke me up from my post-New Year’s doldrums. I have both the Kinzel books and have never worked anything from them.

    Have a wonderful New Year and my love to you and Thaddeus.

  2. About flash pictures of that lovely red lace… I read a tip someplace that said if you are having trouble taking flash pictures close up, then back up and use the zoom feature on your camera instead (you *do* have zoom, right?). I think it helps with my little point and shoot.

  3. happy new year to you and thaddeus and nico!

    what will become of the lace when it grows up? stay tuned to this channel to find out…

  4. Bonne annee, Jos!
    That lace is fabulous and would be even more fabulous if it were brighter and louder.
    It’s for me, right?
    Come on, I haven’t begged unattractively for whatever you’re making in a long time.

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