Coattails of My Younger Sister Kathy and Puppy 2

I Want A Puppy

It doesn’t make any sense, because of how little I’m home, but I still envy Mel with his new puppy, and now I find out quilt-friend Liza has a new puppy as well.

One Of These Days
When the day comes where I’m either not working, or no longer traveling for work, I would love to get a puppy.

I live in a townhouse which isn’t huge, so it couldn’t be a huge dog. I have a small area for a “back yard” where I could let the dog hang out (assuming it wouldn’t be a noisy dog), but I would still have to walk the dog twice a day.

And I would promise that I would never knit this dog any apparel unless it absolutely begged me to do so.

Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat
There has been a lot of interest buzzing around about the knitting retreat for men, scheduled for this May 16th through 18th.

The official web site is here, for those that missed the initial announcement.

I’ve decided that I will prepare a couple of workshops to present at the retreat, if the guys are interested. I have a lot of materials already prepared to do a “Color Design in Men’s Knitwear” workshop, so that might be interesting. I was also thinking about putting together a session on spinning…either one for beginners or something like “Speed Spinning a Knittable Yarn”

I’ve asked this question in a Ravelry forum, but thought blog readers might have some ideas on what might be interesting workshops to consider.

Current Knitting
I got a few more rounds done on the red lace tea cloth.

Red Lace 01-04-08

Although it doesn’t look too much different from the first photos, this is showing up through round 38 in the pattern, and the last picture was only round 27 (and they get more and more stitches each round…I’m up to 256 stitches in each round already). The length of my double pointed needles prevents me from stretching it out for a proper photo.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Diane in Chico, CA writes, “About flash pictures of that lovely red lace… I read a tip someplace that said if you are having trouble taking flash pictures close up, then back up and use the zoom feature on your camera instead (you *do* have zoom, right?).

When I first got this camera a number of years back, the one big critique of it was that the flash is too bright. I’ve tried a number of solutions, none of which has worked including your idea of moving back from the subject and zooming and I’ve even tried putting various layers of opaque tape over the flash. None of the solutions has worked very well.

Kate writes, “I can’t get beyond knitting scarves. It’s reading patterns that does me in.”

I can truly understand this. I think any knitting class for beginners should review basic “pattern reading skills” in the class. But there is hope. My skills in pattern reading (and writing) are now well established, but it took a long time to get used to this strange new shorthand.

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  1. When the time comes, consider a pug. Best dogs ever, IMO. They wouldn’t be happy hanging out in the yard though. They need companionship and are extremely sensitive to hot weather because of their short noses. Start reading up now on the breeds you are interested in. And REMEMBER, no puppy should have the run of the house until they are at least 2 years old. Mine are 3 this month and I still gate them unless I can be in the room with them. Can’t wait to see what you get and please discuss it here. I love the pictures of Nico!

  2. I read a random Ravelry comment (I think in the group on cable knitting, in a discussion on how to make cables show up in pictures) suggesting putting Kleenex over the flash to make it less harsh. Have you tried that? I don’t know if it would work, but it sounds at least worth a try.

  3. I have not knit my dogs sweaters, but they both have coats. If you get a short coated or small dog in a cold climate, they get cold. If you get an Italian greyhound it might even insist on Italian designer labels!

    Drift by and see what breeds appeal. Or go hand out at a few dog shows and see what breeds you drift towards and vice versa.

  4. Hey Joe,
    You could knit two of those delicate lacy things and make a manssiere aka a bro for yourself. It would be lovely with your handknitted under-trou as appropriate bedroom attire. I am sure Thaddeus would find it ever so appealing.

  5. Not that I should tell you what to do, but when the time comes, consider adopting from a shelter or a rescue league! Not all dogs from those places have serious issues (some do of course but they’ll tell you as they’re as interested in appropriate placement as you are) but they all would love and appreciate a good home. Plus you avoid supporting puppy mills and doggy overpopulation. My last two hounds have been rescue dogs and they have been wonderful family additions.

  6. OOH, hey, Joe, I agree with anonymous up there.
    Your red lace would make some awesome gitch!
    Maybe wearing it’d get you your puppy as well.

  7. I’m with Rachel. We inherited our dogs when an elderly friend died. I had said NO PUPPIES, EVER! but give me an adult dog any day. Mel is definitely a good doggie guru in terms of breeds and traits. In any case, when you are ready, you’ll know–and perhaps a dog will find you as ours did, and as Tuck found Mel.

  8. I love puppies, they smeel great and are so playful. If I had a yard for the dog it will be fantastic, but I am able to enjoy other people’s puppies lol!

    Happy New Year Joe! Your are Looking Great!

  9. yeah, I missed the announcement. I’m looking into whether it’s possible to attend the retreat.

    would love to meet you and Michael and Mel and Ted and Sean and Sean and everyone else who may attend!

  10. I’d love to have a dog, but I have a lot of the same concerns. I don’t think I could truly get a puppy until I had a bit more space, some decent time to help the puppy and our cat get acclimated, and make sure I was home by a reasonable hour at night. I feel bad enough when neither my husband or I can get home by 6 to feed and play with our cat, and any dog we could get would be a much needier creature by definition.

  11. There are only two benched dog shows(you can see the dogs out of the ring with their handlers) left in the US; Philadelphia and Westminster. Don’t know when Philly is held. The latter is always the second Monday & Tuesday in February. It is great fun to see the many breeds up close and personal. May help with choosing a breed. I am particularly fond of the herding group. Loraine

  12. I’d sooner part with my darling and perfect husband than live without a dog. Dogs are great. Border collies and shelties are considered great pets for small-ish residences because they can easily monitor their turf and herd. Also, small, adorable and largely not-very-smart dogs, like my shih tzu do very well in small places and really don’t care if they get walks or not. They’re perfectly happy to hang out in your lap as you knit.

    Also—it is indeed a fact the smarter a dog is, the more interaction and activity they require. Conversely…. a shih tzu is just my kind of dog…when bored, they just go to sleep. Smarter dogs kind of need a “job” to do to keep them from finding destructive fun on their own.

    I don’t knit dogwear, either!

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