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Are You Creative?

Once in a while, I find myself getting to a lull in creativity, when I think there is simply nothing more interesting to create. Then I fall back on some academic way of trying to inspire myself, such as The Creativity Book by Eric Maisel.

Then I Get Inspired
It’s usually an interesting yarn or a pattern stitch that sets me into “create mode.” Today, it was these incredibly clever gloves.

Not only is the idea of two contrasting color fingers for ease of expressing yourself a great idea, but I even love the decorative stitching she used.

I guess there really are still good ideas left out there to come up with.

Current Knitting
I kept up with my work on the red lace tea cloth.

Red Lace 01-07-08

I had forgotten how addictive Kinzel’s circular lace knitting could be. Despite how the rounds keep getting longer and longer, I still want to start on the next one. This is up through round 48, and I still have quite a bit of work to do on it.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
First of all, I’m sorry to all the short-haired dog owners who live in cooler climates where a dog sweater (a TASTEFUL dog sweater) can be a very useful and desirable piece of knitwear. I didn’t mean to disparage dog sweaters in total.

Second, thanks to all the readers who suggested how to obtain a dog. If I ever do get a dog (and it won’t be for quite a while, even if I do), it will definitely be a rescue dog. I would have trouble justifying buying from a breeder…even a good breeder…when there are so many dogs in shelters that need a good home.

Cindy also writes, “I read a random Ravelry comment (I think in the group on cable knitting, in a discussion on how to make cables show up in pictures) suggesting putting Kleenex over the flash to make it less harsh. Have you tried that?”

Yes, and like the Scotch tape idea, I was never able to find a happy medium between too harsh a flash, and not enough flash. I think I will just have to set up a photo studio in my house for blog pictures with adjustable lights that simulate sunlight better than actual sun.

Regarding the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat, Stephen hizKNITS writes, “I’m looking into whether it’s possible to attend the retreat. I would love to meet you and Michael and Mel and Ted and Sean and Sean and everyone else who may attend!”

That is also my main reason for wanting this event to be big, so I can get to meet some of the guy-knitters I’ve “known” for a while. The thing I’m most amazed by is there are guys from all over the country planning on attending.

Adam Spector Hodgkins Memorial Fund

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  1. The Creativity Book sounds interesting, I will definitely read it. One of my favorite books on creativity is Art & Fear; when I’m feeling in a rut I read it and feel that I am not alone in my artistic frustrations.

  2. I think that tasteful and essential are very important qualifiers when it comes to doggie apparel, but I think that we both tend to trend a good bit towards the traditional. I agree that a pug would probably suit you and Thaddeus well. They’re only as frou as you make them.

    Called this evening (finally) and left my info to set up reservations for the retreat.

  3. I vote for the mutt- I have one, and she’s a great dog and has a lot of personality. And yeah, when I lived in Boston during the winters, almost every dog I saw aside from the huskies and St Bernards wore sweaters- usually of the functional fleece sort.

    Whenever I hit a creative lull- I usually read books too or look through knitting magazines. And the red lace is still looking awesome.

  4. Great gloves, and so useful. I once knit some with a red finger on the right hand and a lemon yellow on the left, but never thought of putting the colours on the middle finger. (They were to help a kid with right and left who knew his colours…red – right, lemon – left)
    Are you doing “prizes” type thing at your retreat? Let me know.
    Barb B.

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