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How Can You Pick A Favorite?

Someone started a Ravelry forum asking what were knitters favorite projects. Like picking a favorite child is impossible, so is it for me to pick my favorite item that I’ve ever knitted.

How To Assess?
Do you pick a favorite because it was your “first born”?
Do you pick a favorite because you wear it all the time?
Do you pick a favorite because all design elements came together perfectly?
Do you pick a favorite because it was the most challenging to knit?
Do you pick a favorite because the yarn was exquisite to knit with?

I couldn’t possibly pick just one favorite, although, unlike children, I most certainly have some that are less favorites.

I loved the Celestine Shawl because it was done in Carol’s yarn and the color was exquisite. It was also a very successful design experiment in lace knitting.

I loved the Passing Lane Pullover. It came out exactly as I had hoped…no…even better than I had hoped.

I loved how well some of my Koigu projects turned out. The Koigu Cross Stitch scarf was a blast to knit, and folks always love it when I make them one.

But I also love my first ever sweater, despite all its flaws. I loved making the fingerless gloves from the old Patons booklet. I’ve never knit anything from Kinzel’s Lace Knitting books that I haven’t been ecstatic about.

Like I said, who could pick a favorite?

Current Knitting
My order of needles didn’t come in, so I will continue to work on the kid alpaca blanket for this week. I worked on it quite a bit over the weekend, although it’s hard to tell.

Kid Alpaca 01-13-08

I’m up to about 30 inches on the blanket, and the knitting of it has become almost meditative. Apologies to readers, as I know this project is as boring as examining the texture of an office cubicle wall, but I’ll be back to the hot red lace this coming weekend. I do have to say that the rhythm of the simple stitch pattern and the simple purl stitch row in between makes for knitting this item quite pleasurable.

Current Spinning
I was expecting to start two spinning projects, only one that I could write about on the blog, but I decided to start a different project anyway. I had to tussah silk/cashmere tops from Chasing Rainbows, that I’ve been wanting to do something with for a while. Here’s one now.

Tussah Cashmere 1

I decided to separate the colors into one of four piles of fiber…blue, orange, purple and red (there are lots of intermediaries colors that I just tried to ignore). Here’s the red and purple sections.

Tussah Cashmere Separated

Then I starting spinning each color separately. Here’s the blue and orange sections so far.

Tussah Cashmere 01-13-08

I have no idea how this yarn will eventually look, but I’m loving spinning it, and the luster of the silk/cashmere blend, along with the spectacular colors from Chasing Rainbows are incredible.

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  1. Wow! the Rainbow Top is AMAZING! My wheels are feeling neglected, but my next project really needs to be the Icelandic that’s hanging out by the dum carder–I really want to card all of it before I spin it =) But it’s not like I don’t have three wheels and couldn’t plug a bobbin of something else onto one of them…

    I am giggling as I suggest that when you get the Alpaca blankie to a slightly larger rectangle, you could just knit on a VERY long and interesting lace order, for a change of scenery. Can you tell what my most recent fav is?? Bordered shawls =)

  2. I always try to have something I like about each item I’ve knit even if I wouldn’t say afterwards that it was a project I loved. I mean, why take the time to work on something that you hate? Just a waste of time for what’s supposed to be a fun hobby.

  3. I agree Joe. I have a hard time saying which one I loved the most. I know I was excited when I completed all the pieces for my 1st adult jumper as that was a massive achievement.

    It’s probably a lot easier for me to say which ones bored the hell out of me – there are only a few!

  4. Chasing Rainbows cashmere/silk is freaking crack!

    I have two colorways of it that I have been saving for a special spinning time – when I need something to soothe me.

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