Ugly Man

Tom Cruise – Unauthorized

Asking if Tom Cruise is gay is like telling an ugly straight man that you’re gay and having him reply with the standard, “I don’t have any problems with you being gay, but I don’t swing that way.”

Who would want an ugly straight man or a crazy (albeit handsome) gay man (if he is)?

Which Brings Me To…Scientology
First off, I truly believe that L. Ron Hubbard (the founder of Scientology) was an amazing genius, and came up with some of the most incredible concepts for helping people realize their true selves.

That being said, I can’t understand how an organization that has the potential to be extraordinary, chooses to be at best odd, and at worst, some say dangerous and lethal.

I am not a member of the Church of Scientology, but through my work in est back in the ’70’s and ’80’s, I was exposed to bastardized versions of some of Scientology’s techniques (that supposedly the founder of est, Werner Erhardt, stole while he participated in Scientology…the two organizations weren’t overly compatible for years afterwards…maybe still aren’t). I actually read Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard and found that it provided amazing insight into understanding why we are what we are.

Both Tom Cruise and Scientology have taken on at least one common attribute, and that is to aggressively pursue detractors with law suits to bully them into compliance.

Check out this site for some of the alleged dark-side things associated with Scientology.

Current Knitting
More paint dried since my last blog post….

Kid Alpaca 01-16-08

Okay, so I added an inch or so to the ridiculous kid alpaca blanket project.

It’s still soft, silky and warm to have in my lap.

Current Spinning
I ended up doing a bit more spinning on the Tussah/Cashmere blend (see…when I have a boring project to knit…I have a lustrous project to spin!).

Tussah Cashmere 01-16-08

You’ll note that I finished spinning the purple color, and started spinning the last color, red. Now I only have to finish the red before I start the second coil of roving.

I still contend that it will be interesting to see the resulting two-ply yarn.

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  1. As soon as I stop pissing myself from looking at the graphic — and reading the opening of this post, I’m sure I’ll have something more to say…

    Although I must confess to snapping up the Andrew Morton book at Target yesterday.

  2. ahhhh! nice. here’s a thought: when you learn (if you haven’t) to Navajo ply, you can keep the colorway together! it’s like finger crocheting, with a large loop. go really slow, treadle slowly–it plies up fast! although, i only know how to do it as a three ply. therefore i spin it thinly. cheers!

  3. Regarding crazy Tom Cruise: I know!! Like you’d want him on your team anyway. He’s been creepy and crazy for so long it’s hard to remember back in the late ’80s when I used to stare at my Cocktail soundtrack album jacket and daydream…

    The spinning really is lovely. Luminous, really!

  4. I heard that Will Smith became a Scientologist recently, which really disappointed me, since he seemed like a decent enough guy.

    My parents were really into est back in the day. I’m trying to re-repress those memories now.

  5. No comments from me on Tom Cruise, but shout-out to Vtknitboy: if you have a method for Navajo-plying anything with silk in it that doesn’t result in snarled yarn and spinners’ tears, please share. I am serious about this.

  6. Joe- I have a comfort WIP. It’s a cotton sofa throw, with a realitively simple knit/purl pattern. Every Jan/Feb, when the mercury climbs to boiling point, I pull it out & knit away. Like yours it doesn’t grow fast, but I use the shrinking of the ball as an indicator that it is progressing. Slow & steady is all that matters.

  7. I don’t know about the Scienctology, but L Ron Hubbard was no slouch in the old school sci-fi world. The first Battlefield Earth book was entertaining, if simple. I can’t speak for the volumes he wrote after he was dead though. And the the movie with John Travolta just stinks–and I like cheesy sci-fi.

  8. The spinning is glorious! I can’t wait to see it as a 3 ply.

    Scientology is like just about all other cults and religions…it’s about the Power.

  9. I just can’t stomach the idea of Tom Cruise anymore and pretty much stopped watching anything he was in (and I really liked Legend back when I was too young to have taste). He just comes off as a dangerous megalomaniac. Yuck.

  10. Legend does hold the bonus of Tim Curry as one of Satan’s minions. Much better than his turn as Mr. French.

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