Deaths Come in Threes

If you’re one of those folks that believes that deaths come in multiples of three, the cycle was unfortunately completed with Heath Ledger’s recent death.

Fond Memories of All
Having grown up with the Brady’s and the great character of Sam the butcher, played by Allan Melvin and also having enjoyed the talents of both Brad Renfro and Heath Ledger, I am sad to see them all go.

Current Knitting
I’m starting to slow down a little in the rate of completed rounds on the red lace tea cloth.

Red Lace 01-23-08

Not because I’m working on it less, but because there are more and more stitches in each round. I’m halfway through round 97…the finished cloth has something like 169 rounds, so I still have a lot of lace to knit.

Current Spinning
I finished spinning the last color (red) of the first tussah/cashmere roving and started in on the second one.

Tussah Cashmere 01-23-08

I am trying to get this spinning project finished before my first installment of the Black Bunny Fiber club comes in so I can get to that quickly.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Fiberqat writes, “Have you considered being a guest podcaster for another podcast? Franklin has done it and can give you info on that. I would go that way first to see if it’s something you want to do.”

A few comments about this. First, I know Franklin, and I’m no Franklin…as such, no one has ever asked me to guest podcast for them. Second, even if someone did, I can’t understand why I wouldn’t do my own podcast, since the effort (which seems huge to me) would be the same to create the materials and record my own, or someone else’s podcast. Finally, the only reason I would even consider creating my own podcast was because of the brief experience I had recording for Guido/ItsAPurlMan.

Anne Marie in Philly writes, “I cannot listen cause I don’t have an MP3. old fart, that’s me.”

I could have written the same sentence not too long ago. I don’t have an MP3 player and I am an old fart. However, I found out a little while ago that an MP3 player isn’t necessary to listen to podcasts. Or more accurately, I found out that my computer is, in fact, an MP3 player. I know…sometimes I’m a little slow.

Finally, Barb B. writes, “What?? No high tea for me if I make it over there on a Sunday?”

Okay, if Barb ever makes it to my neck of the woods on a Sunday afternoon, I will be glad to host a high tea. I’ll just have to find a web resource on what exactly a high tea is.

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  1. thanks for the tip o’ the hat :-).

    since my computer was “born” in 1998, I know for a fact it is most def NOT an MP3 player.

    plus, I have a dial up connection.

    nope, no a-v geek here. just an old fart who is older than you, friend joe! πŸ˜‰

    have a great day!

  2. Thanks Joe! And if you ever make it to Cold Lake, I’ll return the favour.
    Barb B.
    PS I think high tea is just lots and lots of stuff to eat, and tea to drink. Pinky fingers raised!

  3. Well, I can help you on the high tea part. First we all put on our Sunday best – the more uncomfortable, the better. Then, someone pulls out their best china and serving dishes, makes little cucumber sandwiches (cutting off all the crusts, gentleman) and wee treats, and then we sit around and talk about the fine weather and gossip about people’s wardrobe. It’s all very fun.

  4. I hosted a high tea for my daughter’s sweet 16 last year at a place called High SocieTea in NJ. We got dresssed up in flowery dresses and high heels. We drank tea from pots dressed in cozies. We ate little sandwiches and sweets. It was wonderful!

  5. Joe, if you Google “High Tea” or, better yet, “Cream Tea” you should get some good answers. I had tea at John Lewis (a department store) in London, which consisted of tea, of course (we had Earl Grey but they had other choices), triangle-shaped sandwiches of roast beef, ham, salmon, tuna and egg salad, scones with clotted cream and jam, and tiny cakes. Clotted cream is hard to come by here, which is a shame!

    I love the way the tea cloth is coming out – I can’t wait to see it finished.

  6. I was thinking the same thing yesterday when I heard of Heath Ledger’s death, but our three were:

    Sir Ed Hillary (at 88) – considered to be our greatest NZ citizen (and not for climbing a mountain, although we are proud of him for that too). His state funeral was on Monday. All round good bloke, kind, generous, funny.

    Hone Tuwhare (at 85) – one of our greatest NZ poets, the first Maori to have a book of poetry published in English. NZ Poet Laureate, very funny, brilliant earthy poet, wonderful man. His funeral was also on Monday.

    And Heath Ledger, who because of his nationality was close mates with a number of young Kiwi actors working in Australia – so that is all over our news as well. Although this loss doesn’t touch me in such a personal way as the other two deaths, it is sadder in some ways because of what could have been.

    The tea cloth is looking very beautiful. And I’d listen to a podcast of you (via my computer – I don’t own an ipod or mp3 player either although I did hint a lot for Christmas *sigh*)

    Sorry – didn’t mean to post such a long message and mostly not knitting related!

  7. Yes, kiwis have had two major losses this week. Although Sir Ed and Hone were old men and their deaths weren’t unexpected, it is still sad and a sign of time passing and things changing. Life goes on and will never be the same. As someone said on another blog, you have to get used to the new normal.

  8. Hi Joe,

    High tea is a meal in early evening with cakes etc after the main course. Afternoon tea is more of a snack including sandwiches, scones and cakes. Tea is often consumed but coffee is very common these days.

    In NL they say High Tea when they mean Afternoon Tea, they have a genius for using English phrases with just a slightly different meaning. It makes life interesting, you think you know what they are talking about and then you realise you don’t.

    All the best, Dawn

  9. Oh, pish darling. You were the reason I started blogging in the first place.

    You’re right about the effort involved in running your OWN podcast – at least if you want to actually make a good job of it – but I’d enjoy hearing your voice read your own words on, say, Brenda Dayne’s podcast.

    She’s always on the lookout for new voices for essays. I’ve loved writing (and reading for her).

    Do consider it, when you’ve nothing else to do πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and tradition be damned. I think your tea should include a selection of fine peanut butters.

    Who is Proud to Know You

  10. The Best advice can only come from Mrs. Bucket. How can you think of Keeping Up appearances without inviting the Vicar oand Mrs. Bucket. Lovely Lace by the way. Heath is now at Peace, I will never forget what he did for our community by just acting!

  11. Mrs Boooquay and the Vicar, of course! Okay, Joe, cuc sandwiches, strawberry tarts, Red Rose Tea, fine china AND a tea cloth. (I’ll bet by now you are praying I never make it) I’ll bring the clotted cream if they’ll let me take it across the border.
    I’m looking forward to seeing those colours after plying.
    Barb B

  12. You have to serve the food on a tiered cake stand. Rule of thumb is: dainty cucumber or other sandwiches on the bottom level; scones and fruit cake in the middle, and, right on the top, the delicious tiny cakes and treats.Damask linen, and only the finest, most translucent bone china – no mugs! And you dress accordingly.
    Lots of fun – worth knitting all that red lace for!

  13. It’s not necessarily the food at ‘tea’ but the attitude that really makes it. There is a certain ceremony to high tea that makes you feel so grown up.

    Maybe it’s the youth or end of potential or the fact of his young daughter, but Heath’s death has really saddened me.

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