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Why does it seem that every time I think the president has done the most audacious thing he could come up with, he comes up with one more thing that drives me insane?

At Least The Man Has Balls
Not to besmirch the lone female running in the presidential primaries, but I have to at least give credit to this president for being willing to ask for things way beyond what he deserves.

In his last (thank dog) state of the union speech, he asked the congress to work with him on fixing global warming…but…only if they do it his way. Yes, the impact to the World of global warming is much less important than affecting the U.S. economy. The economy is of the HIGHEST priority to this president.

So, work with him to fix what’s turning out to be a global disaster, but don’t do anything that might inconvenience the rich folks (including the Bush family) in this country that have worked so hard to keep their riches.

Current Knitting
I knit like the wind the last couple of days and I finished another 10 rounds on the ever-growing red lace tea cloth.

Red Lace 01-29-08

Now I really am on the last round of petals or leaves or whatever they are, and I will soon be starting on the last pattern stitch to finish this lovely piece of lace. I can’t wait, so then I can start my next lace project.

New Books
Both Cybergran and Ted mentioned books that have Herbert Niebling patterns or at least Herbert Niebling-inspired patterns in them.

Lace Books

As Ted noted in comments, these two books are available through Laci’s (do a text search on Niebling to find them) although a bit expensive. He’s also correct, in that the charts are very small, and in Japanese (with a sheet to translate for the Japanese-impaired Americans). I’ve already picked another small tablecloth design that is very floral.

I am very excited about starting this project, but I won’t until I finish the tea cloth…I promise.

Current Spinning
Even though I’m only posting about one of them, I actually have two spinning projects going. At the moment, I can only write about the tussah/cashmere project, except to say that I’m about halfway through the other project, and I will soon have two spinning wheels to devote to Carol’s fiber club roving.

Here’s where I am with the tussah/cashmere blend.

Tussah Cashmere 01-28-08

You’ll note I’ve finished spinning the blue and I’m almost finished with the orange. Just the purple and red and my singles will be done.

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  1. It’s not that he has balls, it’s that he is seriously reality impaired. If he had a clue he would have started to work on improving the economy 6 months to a year ago (at least) when it would be easier to improve it, rather than wait until it’s tanked before deciding to do something. I guess to Georgie, things don’t matter until they effect his profit margin. Meanwhile, the rest of us suffer.

    The teacloth is beautiful. It really is inspiring me to learn to do more than just knit and purl. Knitted lace is just beautiful.

  2. that guy…

    I seriously believe he is the product of not prosecuting Nixon. That set the precedent that being a crook was okay, because even if you got caught you’d be pardoned.

    I’m more interested in the next president and people react to him because I came of age during this presidency and don’t remember a whole lot about any of the others (I was born at the tail end of Reagan). I don’t like Hillary Clinton very much, I see her as too calculating and too willing to accept corporate money, but I especially don’t want the first 24-8 years of my life to be a string of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton.

  3. Re Bush: we recently got rid of Howard, who was of the same mind as Bush about Global Warming – that it was really all about ‘protecting jobs’. Idiots! Things feel better here now. Hope the same can happen for the US.

  4. We recently have avoided any broadcast of/by/about Our Leader and did not see the performance. Reading your post, and feeling the anger, tells me the Thugs are still at it. Joe, I would love to agree with you about balls..but lack of common sense, ethics, and IQ means the person has no balls, or chutzpah…he has the character of a turd. Yes, there would be change in the economy..and it could very well be for the technology, new jobs, new mindset. Although the rich think they own the planet, they are sadly mistaken. I have read extensively (all sides of the arguement) about Global Warming, and I am scared to my depth. People have no idea how they are being sold snake oil by a Jock Wanna Be Prez. end of rant..

    There are some woderful Japanese knitting sites on the web. Have you seen these? japaneseknittingpatternsdotblogspotcom
    and Fleegles Blog?

    The first gives some tips,help and other sources.

  5. There are a large number of Japanese patterns, and thankfully there are plenty of guides for those who need a little help with their Japanese (I’m not fluent, but I have more than enough to read the knitting patterns). What I want to do are some of the more complex patterns from Norway or Finland, though that is definitely an area where I would need language help.

  6. You knit really well for a man who is being driven insane by the “leader of the free world”. Really. The charts in the Japanese books are so tiny and grey that I enlarge them and make the charts darker on the Xerox so I can see. I also use highlighter tape so I can keep track on those long rows. Can’t wait to see what you think of those patterns!

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