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My Next Lace Project

Having gotten the two Naoko Ichida books from Lacis (thanks Janice for the spelling), I have picked out my next project.

One of the things that struck me about Niebling’s lace work was that he could makes some of the most beautifully sculpted fabric, often using florals as his subject. I love how his works is so elegant, curvy and soft.

I’ve selected a pattern called La Promenade dans la Forêt (I guess that’s the French translation of the Japanese name?). Here are a couple of badly scanned pictures of what it looks like in the book.

Ichida Lace 1

Ichida Lace 2

Current Knitting
Now I can’t wait to finish this mundane piece of lace from Kinzel’s Lace Knitting books.

Red Lace 02-01-08

In keeping with today’s theme, the picture isn’t so great. I tried to take a picture of just one corner of the piece to make the pattern more obvious. I have to work on my photography skills.

I’m on round 130 now, so I finished another 8 rounds. They get longer and longer, but now I have incentive to push even faster.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
M-H writes, “We recently got rid of Howard, who was of the same mind as Bush about Global Warming – that it was really all about ‘protecting jobs’. Idiots! Things feel better here now. Hope the same can happen for the US.”

From you lips to Goddess’ ears. While I’m hoping Clinton gets elected, I would certainly support an Obama presidency as well.

Meribeth writes, “There are some wonderful Japanese knitting sites on the web. Have you seen these? japaneseknittingpatterns.blogs pot.com
and Fleegles Blog?

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  1. The Kinzel looks really lovely. It’s tough to get good photographs with lace but I know it will be stunning when blocked. Great choice for a first Niebling! Do you know what yarn you will use? Or will you knit it with thread/cord?

  2. Joe, your choice for your next project is almost unearthly. I am excited for you and can’t wait to see it started! Lord, that lace is gorgeous! I, who am not worthy, bow to you who will knit this.

  3. I just took my first look at that knitting game, and the instructions are actually in Korean (you can tell by the little circles). I suppose this is only helpful if you know people who speak Korean or Japanese and are motivated enough to want to know whom to enlist to translate.

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