As If I Didn’t Have Enough To Keep Me Busy

And now one of the knitter guys from MWK sends out this link to an on-line knitting game.

Not Only That…
…but the instructions are in Japanese, so of course, it took me about 30 minutes to figure out this child’s game, and of course, I couldn’t stop until I had knitted 3 pages without error.

Men can be so evil.

Current Knitting
I raced like a demon to try and finish up my current lace tablecloth and ended up getting to round 139.

Red Lace 02-03-08

Here’s a picture with light in the background to try and show a little detail.

Red Lace2 02-03-08

Now 9 rounds might not sound like a lot, but first of all, some of the rounds are now over 800 stitches around. Second, I made a mistake at one point which required me to unknit 792 stitches. All-in-all, I made a lot of progress (despite evil Japanese knitting games).

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Jane (AKA LaceFreak) writes, “Great choice for a first Niebling! Do you know what yarn you will use? Or will you knit it with thread/cord?”

I’m choosing between these two yarns.


The one on the left is a nice soft merino laceweight in a taupe color that is rich and lovely. The one on the left is a ton of some laceweight yarn I picked up somewhere, but I have no idea what it is. It feels/looks like hemp and silk, but I honestly have no idea. I’ll have to look back through blog entries to see when I got it, and what it is.

Whatever I decide to use, I hope I get to start it next week sometime.

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  1. When you do figure out what that non-merino stuff is, please let us know – it’s *gorgeous*.

    The taupe is pretty too, and probably easier to knit with, but I can’t resist the shiny.

  2. Your right, what an evil EVIL game! I should have pulled out my old school uniform when I was playing it. I say go with the shiny stuff on the right, with that pattern it would look like liquid knitting gold.

  3. Unknitting that much is a real big pain. I unknit a lot, but I think if I had to unknit that many stitches I would have tossed it in a drawer for a month or so.

  4. I couldn’t even get started. All I could do was change the colour of the wool. Can you tell me what to do next? Not that I would want to take up too much of your knitting time…

  5. For those who don’t read Korean – or watch enough K-drama to figure it out ahem! – the space bar changes the color, the right and left arrow keys will move the stitch left or right. So, let’s say the first row is pink – you click the space bar until the stitch is pink – you move the right arrow to move to the right – continue right arrowing until you get to either the next row or a stitch of another color. If it’s the next row, the left arrow key moves to the left.

    Now, let’s say you accidentally made a red stitch where it should be pink. Before you get too far, back up – unknit – (either right or left) and click the space bar to get the right color, and proceed forward again.

    That help?

    (and no, “we must make a plan” or “buy 6 bolts of silk” does not come as handy in life as it does in the average k-drama, but “WHAT” is very useful)

  6. I’m a actually commenting!

    You know that Joel Derfner writes the amazing blog “the search for love in manhattan,” and has for years. A trip through the archives would be well worth while. (I think its at joelderfner.net these days, but if it’s not, some googling will find it)

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