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I Can Pre-Order!!!

Not sure if this is old news or not (sorry Carol) but Carol and Laura and Lisa’s book Knit So Fine is available for pre-order through Amazon.

I’ve Met All The Authors
I feel privileged to have met all three women who put this book together, and I have to say, any one of them could have put out a spectacular book, so I’m looking very much forward to getting my copy when it comes out in June. So I’ve pre-ordered.

I’m sure Carol will be glad to sign my copy even though I bought it at a discounted price through Amazon.

Last time I mentioned a book available for pre-order for Amazon, I went out to pre-order, and the delivery date had been pushed back two weeks. I guess their original order of the book had sold out more quickly than I had expected. That won’t happen this time.

Current Knitting
I’ve made a lot of progress on the red lace tea cloth, and I’m actually beginning to think I might just finish this soon.

Red Lace2 02-05-08

I completed 12 rounds!!!! Yes, that is worthy of assassinating a few exclamation points, especially given the number of stitches per round is around 800 and I’m learning new stitch patterns in this section of the lace.

Just to give you a sense of where I am in the project, since it’s impossible to get a decent picture, the black line on the scan of the cloth in the book is where I am.

Red Lace Book Picture 02-05-08

Upcoming Knitting
There are times when it’s very convenient to maintain such a regularly published blog.

I was able to go back in blog history to find out what the mystery yarn was.

Gift Lars

It turns out I got it from Lars at Rhinebeck-2006 as a gift. He bought it at School Products and said that it was almost 2 pounds of raw silk.

Based on a lot of reading about Niebling-like patterns that bind in places where they aren’t supposed to, I will take the sage advice of Fleegle and use the Merino for my first Niebling-like lace.

0 comments on “I Can Pre-Order!!!

  1. Thanks, Joe!
    I will be happy to sign your book no matter where you bought it.
    I am hoping that being mentioned on your blog is like when Steven Colbert has you on his show: you get the Colbert Bump.

    Lace is fabulous as usual.

  2. Oops! I DO know that there should be an “s” on the end of seems in my comment; it’s just hard to type after having your hand on ice for 15 minutes.

  3. I’ve searched through your archives to see if I could find some info on your pattern for the red lace tea cloth, but the google search won’t offer me up your first posts discussing it. Please take mercy on me & do tell!

  4. I’ve been a way for a while–OMG that teacloth is beautiful QJ! Wow! I puts me in mind very much of hardanger but infinitely more fine. Wow.

  5. Your lace is looking really beautiful πŸ™‚ I feel like a slug next to you. It looks like it will block like a dream. Unless I’m loosing my mind, that looks like the Springtime design from the First book of Modern Lace Knittinb by Marianne Kinzel. I have her books but have never knit from them. Gues I’m going to have to break down and give one of her patterns a try! Lovely knitting!

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