Finding My Way

I was glad to read such thoughtful comments about folks who take great care to navigate past the easy ways of determining which candidate they want to vote for, and make careful choices…even if they don’t agree with my choice.

Even Better
It’s even better for me that many of the folks that commented seemed to at least have tried to see how much of their opinions were swayed by the incessant media commentary. I do believe that the media has favored Barack much more than Hillary, and that they have perpetuated the often unquestioned dislike of Hillary and the favored underdog status of Barack.

All that being said, I hope one of them will show the American people what a president should be.

I put the picture of the Garmin Nüvi on my site for two reasons. One, because it was a picture of my awful imagery of “navigating” but also because the prices for this thing has gone down even further than they used to be. This thing is under $370…they clearly must not have sold enough of them at Christmas.

Current Knitting
I started the Ichida lace cloth and I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my first chart-only lace project.

Ichida Lace 02--27-08

I ended up going with a mercerized cotton for this project, and I’m not sure I like it. Now that I’m up to round 34, I think I may rip it out and try again with some other yarn. It’s not showing the definition as much as I had hoped.

I’ll go a little further before deciding.

Next week the blog and I will be on vacation.

Look for the return of a tanned and relaxed blog when I get back on March 9th.

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  1. you and thaddeus have a good time in cancun!

    takes some pix of hunky pool boys for those of us freezing back here, will ya? pretty please? 😉

  2. Dear Joe,

    Happy holidays!

    The English magazine “The Economist” has been covering the primary campaigns in detail from the start. I remember, way back in Iowa, when their reporter was in a small town there.

    Mrs. Clinton’s headquarters were under orders not to talk to the press — they wouldn’t even tell the poor Englishman where he could get some lunch.

    The Obama headquarters sat him down, gave him coffee, provided him with the address of a local bank manager, an Obama supporter, whom he could interview for his story.

    Journalists are human. Treat them like that — and win a few primaries — and you’ll find them speaking kindly of your candidate.

    This is a small example of the meticulous attention to detail that Obama’s campaign has shown throughout. I think it augurs well for his ability to run an administration.

  3. Now, you know I work for a mobile assets management ASP provider. That said, I’ll stick to Google maps before I ever shell out any money for a personal GPS system.

    I’ve never been a FOH and I will vote for Obama in the primary but not because he’s become the darling of the media but because I believe he is a better choice. The most important thing about this election season is that people are finally engaged. Why were they not prior to this? When you see the power of the people and the media, you would think that Bush could have been stopped in his tracks long before this. Sad, really.

  4. Have a wonderful trip, Joe!
    And I ditto the request for photos of you and Thaddeus, preferably bare-chested.

    Who is looking after baby Niko?

    It’s really hard for me to tell about the lace. It looks awfully lovely but my monitor makes the color look dark and it’s hard to tell how it reads. You have excellent instincts about those things.

  5. that’s odd – I would have thought that mercerised cotton would have been the best choice for a lace design of this nature – maybe it’s the colour?

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