Nico 08-16-09

Leaving You With Warm Thoughts

I head to warmer climates and thought I’d put one more post out there with pictures of knitting and the cat.

First The Cat
Carol asks who will be taking care of baby Nico?

Nico 02-29-08

We are very lucky that there’s a veterinary technician that live near us and makes extra dollars by pet-sitting. She took care of Gage when we were away, and now she showers her love on Nico. Not only does she love cats (especially ours), but she also knows when to call in a professional in case anything happened while we were away.

Current Knitting
I did end up pulling out all the blue cotton lace knitting I had done and decide to knit the lace with the Skacel lace merino yarn in a rich taupe color.

Ichida Lace 02--29-08

The picture makes it look beige or white on my monitor, but is more gray/tan/taupe. It shows off the patterning much better than the cotton.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Anonymous writes, “I would have thought that mercerised cotton would have been the best choice for a lace design of this nature – maybe it’s the colour?”

I would have thought so too, but it was more the texture of the yarn, rather than the color (colour) that didn’t work. The double-decreases that Ichida uses don’t look very good in cotton, whereas they look great in wool.

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  1. Beautiful lace- I’m sure you mentioned where it came from, I’ll look back, but if not I’ll hastle you for it when you get back.

    Have a great trip! Yes, it makes all the difference having a super pet-sitter you can trust.

  2. …and I wouldn’t be ‘anonymous” if I knew how to make this work properly! – it won’t allow me to be anything else, I don’t mean to sound churlish!

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