Prostitution is the New Skydiving

Since when did the thrill of getting caught at an illegal activity become the new thing for the man who has experienced every other thrill?

Too Appealing
I guess there is the possibility of great excitement when there’s a chance that someone might find out you’re having illegal sex with prostitutes. I guess the ongoing avoidance of a sexually transmitted disease could help a man justify that it’s okay to continue. Perhaps the thrill of leading a completely segmented and secret life, especially when a life is so public can have an appeal.

But when an entire home and professional life are put in danger, not to mention the health of both the man and his spouse, doesn’t that verge on the compulsive/addictive?

I have to believe this man at one point crossed the line from thrill-seeker to uncontrolled free-fall into an activity that was so compelling, that he had little ability to stop. Even worse, if the guy had been found out to be doing crystal meth or even drinking alcoholically, I think folks would have been able to forgive him…but this ruination of lives will not be easily forgotten and doubtfully ever forgiven.

Current Knitting
I’ve completed a mere 2 rounds on the lace project. A progress picture would be less than useful.

Current Reading
Over vacation I was able to finish two books.

The first book is The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards.


Memory Keepers Daughter

I found this to be a book that appeals to many women, but I don’t think most men would enjoy it that much. It’s a very romanticized version of child bearing and duty that I find is not only not very realistic, but perpetuates an fantasy world that most folks would be better off staying away from.

I also finished A Thousand Splendid Suns by Koleini.

Thousand Splendid Suns

Much better edited than the Kite Runner by the same author, I found this book to be a wonderful read, and I’d highly recommend it. This author has always been able to tell a wonderful story, but with the success of his first book, it appears the publishers have invested a few dollars into getting this guy a decent editor.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the Ichida lace project, Ted writes (and Marilyn agrees), “Well, not that this helps you now, but I think it would have been better on larger needles — maybe 2 sizes larger.”

With the added experience of this project, I would most definitely agree. I will definitely be upping my needle size on my next Niebling-like lace project.

LaceFreak/Jane (my lace inspiration) asks, “I think you are doing great on your lace pattern! I was wondering what size needle are you using and what yarn you picked?”

I’m using Skacel Laceweight Merino on US1 needles. I also love how it’s coming out, and I may even re-knit this design in a heavier weight yarn using bigger needles. We’ll see…it’s been good practice.

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  1. I’m spending MY spare time reading about sociopaths and anti-social personality disorder. It is coloring everything I read about the guy.
    Is there a Niebling book coming? I might need to dive in.

  2. I couldn’t believe his wife just stood there like a dead fish during that “press conference”. Fuck Tammy Wynette. I would have walked up to that podium and dropped the idiot with a swift knee to to groin and then to the nose.

  3. I am a woman and I didn’t care for The Memory Keeper’s Daughter either. The premise, and the first part of the book seemed promising. But the thing just didn’t hang together. And since my parents had and lost a Down Syndrome child before I was born, the idea that this would warp their whole life didn’t add up to me either. The title, the cover photo, and the first few chapters were the best part of the book, imo.

  4. A fair number of my friends were trying to figure out what the woman/service must have been offering to be worth 4000USD or more. I’m sure it was a swift kick to the groin.

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