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We finally decided that it was time to replace the carpeting in our house. Who would have believed the impact of such a seemingly small decision.

How Difficult Could it Be?
For those of you that have ever replaced all the carpet in their house, you will clearly understand. I never have until this week.

Seemed simple enough when we decided. I had a little extra money, and the carpet was long overdue for replacing. We go to a local place where Thaddeus knows one of the family owners, we pick out carpet, they come to the house and measure and then come to install. Easy…right?

Yeah, until I realized (or I should say Thaddeus realized all along and finally got it through my thick skull) that we’d have to be able to move anything currently on the existing carpet. These past two weekends were all about going through all our cabinets, closets, bookcases, dressers, armoires, shoe racks…etc., etc. and clearing them so that either the furniture could be moved around more easily or what was normally stored on the floor wasn’t on the floor. We threw out and gave away a ton of crap that we have collected over the last 19 years.

What a mess…it would have been easier to move to a new house.

Current Knitting
Suffice it to say, I didn’t feel like adding more complications into my life, so I opted to put the Ichida lace away for the weekend and focus on something a lot more simple. I ended up felting the two bucket hats I made a few weeks ago, and also started work on a new one in bright red.

Bucket Hat Multi Done

Bucket Hat Multi Red

You’ll note I also felted a few little yarn bowls. These will go up for sale with all the scarves and felted bucket hats whenever I get around to it.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
KM writes, “Is there a Niebling book coming?”

There have been a number of groups trying to get Burda or someone to re-publish Niebling’s works. If anyone is interested, I’d highly recommend joining the HerbertNiebling Yahoo Group. There’s tons of information on what they’ve been working on to get him re-published as well as information on finding his work.

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  1. Personally, I prefer hardwood floors (carpets = massive quantities of allergens), but refinishing those is a pretty similar process.

  2. We have wood floors, but we plan on *someday* installing carpeting upstairs. The thought of emptying all my stuff, husbands stuff, and two childrens stuff … daunting doesn’t cover it.

    Are those felted hats and bowls done in the Patons Merino? Did you ever try it, and how did you like it?

  3. I’ve done the carpet thing a few times and I feel your pain. New carpet is a good payoff, though. Thadeus was kinder not to tell you in advance what it would be like.

  4. What we did when the dreaded new carpet time came was to split the process into two parts. The first was to carpet the living room, dining room, master bedroom and walk-in closet. Then about a month later we had the three smaller bedrooms carpeted. That made it a lot easier.

    I should mention that I had given in and had the entry, halls, and bathrooms tiled a few years previously when the lovely ’70s orange shag had worn to the point that I had to do something.

  5. Wellll, I certianly feel your pain. The thought of having to move everything on my upper level is what keeps me from replacing some very unsightly carpet. It looks like compressed oatmeal–in a bad way. 19 years’ of “treasures”! I’ve only been here 8 and it seems an unsurmountable task. Knowing that you will enjoy it afterward is cold comfort while trashing two weekends preparing for it. Post a picture of the completed job.

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