Carpet Bedroom


….fresh carpet.

A Welcome Sight
Returning home from a hard work week to rooms covered in thick, lush carpet.

Carpet Upstairs

Carpet Downstairs

Carpet Nico

Of course, we still have a few things that need to be put back in place.

Still to Put Back

Benefits of Downsizing
As part of our readying for moving all our furniture, Thaddeus decided it was time to get rid of all his stereo components in the office section of our bedroom that are now about 30 years old. He really only listens to radio when he’s upstairs, so he opted to get one of these.

Tivoli Radio

The Tivoli Henry Kloss radio is nice and compact and retro looking, the sound on this little baby is velvet. It has some unique way of attracting radio signals which Thaddeus researched thoroughly (of course), but all I know is that it sounds rich and fills the room with vibrant sound.

And it leaves room for more yarn and knitting books.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Seanna Lee asks, “I love the idea of spinning my own lace weight. How long do you think it will take you to spin it up (just the spinning part)? I mean, other than forever.”

I remember spinning a ton of merino in fingering weight, and a ball of roving the size of Carol’s Black Bunny Fiber would have taken me about four weeks, spinning about 8 hours a week. I anticipate this project will take me about six to eight weeks.

0 comments on “Ahhhhh…

  1. beautiful carpet!

    lerve the pix of nico lounging on the floor!

    but, oh, the mess…

    have a good weekend!

  2. That’s a lot of spinning. I’m just learning to spin using a spindle, which I know is slower. I look forward to seeing your lace weight come to fruition.

  3. As the self-appointed President of the Nico Fan Club, I say… Thanks for the teaser!

    I’m glad Nico approves of the carpet.
    Or, you know, you’d have to send it back.

  4. I have the exact same Tivoli model in my kitchen (which is where I really needed a radio– happy cook, better food) and love, love, love it. What’s cool is I can plug my iPod into it too… Thaddeus did a very smart thing!

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