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Thanks for all the great suggestions on movies. Many of them I have not seen (or at least don’t remember seeing), so I’ll try to check some of them out.

Readers’ Movie List
Here is what y’all had to offer:

The Interpreter
The Lake House
The Italian Job
The Last Samurai
Amazing Grace
A Murder of Crows
Still of the Night
King of Comedy
The Lemon Sisters
Gone Baby Gone
The Wire (TV Series)
The Secret Life of Words
Knocked Up
Away from Her
Eastern Promises
The Lives of Others
Black Cat White Cat
Funny Bones
Italian Job (the original)
Scenes of a Sexual Nature

As far as I recall, the only movies I’ve seen from this list are, The Italian Job, The Last Samurai, The Wire (various episodes from multiple seasons…Thaddeus enjoyed this), Knocked Up, Eastern Promises and The Lives of Others.

I quite enjoyed The Last Samurai, Eastern Promises and The Lives of Others (mostly the last two which were exceptional). I’m not a big fan of The Wire. The Italian Job wasn’t extraordinary in any way I could identify, Knocked Up was a great script with an amazing cast and extremely well directed and it still didn’t knock my socks off.

Current Knitting
Here’s the better picture I promised on Monday. Not significantly better…but definitely better.

Promenade 03-26-08

I am really digging how well this lace is coming out, especially since I really only anticipated using this as my trial first attempt at such a complex lace project.

I have made mistakes and I’ve either gone back and fixed them, or fudged them in the following round. Regardless, I think the result will be quite fine.

Current Spinning
I may have to revise my estimate for how long it will take me to spin the Black Bunny Fiber roving into laceweight yarn.

Walinpawpack 03-23-08

Here’s what the last progress picture looked like to give you a comparison.

Walinpawpack 03-16-08

The additional amount (shown in the first picture in case you couldn’t tell) took me about 2 hours of spinning time.

Clearly, I have my work cut out for me.

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  1. I love the Firefly series and the Serenity movie, but I usually don’t recommend it unless I know the person I’m recommending it to likes SciFi, though if Thaddeus liked Tin Man that may be an indication. Make sure you watch the Firefly series before you watch Serenity.

  2. I really enjoyed Firefly and Serenity, but I forget all about them (and every other movie I’ve ever seen) when someone asks for recommendations. Of course, lately I’m watching entire schmears of unintellectual pap. Even if it is good, I can’t bring myself to recommend it.

  3. Eastern Promises–of all the possible ways I fantasized about seeing Viggo Mortensen naked–that was not it.


  4. I recently watched Neverwas and enjoyed it though I will admit that I was so fascinated with the artwork I would probably have forgiven any short fallings.

  5. I’ve been away and am just catching up with my reading. I see the tea cloth is done, so I better make plans for Rhinebeck and high tea. Do I need to bring the Kraft peanut butter?
    I am really admiring your lace spinning. What do you have in mind to knit from it, or has your thinking gone that far?

    Your new lace knitting is wonderful. I’m looking forward to updates.
    Barb B.

  6. Your spinning looks terrific to me! When I’m trying to spin thin singles I’m horridly slow so I totally understand the frustration of looking at that bobbin and seeing so it grow by slow increments.I loved the Firefly series and the movie, Serenity, I really enjoyed The Interpreter and House of Cards is disturbingly good.Keep up the great spinning and knitting!

  7. I’ve been spinning some wool lately, and it takes me a whole week of steady spinning (at the expense of everything else) to fill one bobbin. I’m almost done with my pound of fibre.. then I start plying. That’s gonna take some time as well.

    Are we vying for the finest thread or what? Altho’ I think bunny fur would be such fun to spin! I’ll be doing that soon enough. But now… I have some assignments to complete!

  8. Check out “In The Land Of Women”, caught it just by accident, really interesting and if you have older family members you will love it, Meg Ryan is actullay really good.
    Also “Into The Wild.” The book is better but so beatiful to look at.

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