Nico Knitting and Mushroom

Nico Turns Two

March 31st is our good buddy’s birthday, and today he turns two.

Our Joy
I love this picture of him because he’s sitting next to knitting and a mushroom. Both Thaddeus and I are represented with him.

This little guy has brought a lot of enjoyment to us. Just this morning, he woke up at 4:30 AM to get his birthday petting before I headed off to work for the week. Upon arriving at work, I called home to find out he was getting his birthday breakfast snack of cream cheese…licked directly off Thaddeus’ finger.

It just goes to show that with love and attention (which he gets a lot of), even former street urchins like Nico can learn to be sweet and delightful.

Current Knitting
This week way too busy with tax preparation and setting up my new home office space. I did get up to round 99 on the Ichida lace. I’ll post a picture later this week.

To give you a little progress map on where I am in the design, here’s the graphic from the book, and the dark square shows approximately where I am (with 41 more rounds to go).

Promenade Progress Map

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Long-lost Barb B. reappears to note, “I see the tea cloth is done, so I better make plans for Rhinebeck and high tea. Do I need to bring the Kraft peanut butter?”

No need…I get about a case of large jars shipped to me now about once a year, and that should hold us.

She then goes on to ask, “I am really admiring your lace spinning. What do you have in mind to knit from it, or has your thinking gone that far?

I will look through the Ichida books and also at some on-line resources for Niebling lace and find something large and appropriate for the finished yarn.

Also about the spinning, Tallguy asks, “Are we vying for the finest thread or what?”

I am actually spinning this as thin as I can, so the single is always right on the verge of breaking…or actually breaking. It adds a bit of time to the process to re-attach to the roving and resume spinning.

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  1. You have a much sweeter kitty than I. My kitty would not be nearly so calm near the yarn (she has ruined more WIPs than I want to think about).

    I’m spindle spinning my first two batches of roving, and the superwash merino is just a pain if I am not uber vigilant about keeping enough yarn together.

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