Birthday Boy

Today I Am Officially On The Brink of 50

Yes, as hard as it is to believe (myself), I am now 49 years old.

Birthday Eve Dinner
I arrived home from work last night to a beautiful new orchid from Thaddeus and then we had this for dinner.


It was all ideal.

Today, we go back to Ikea for more torture (I’ll regale you with my Ikea desk assembly nightmare some other time), and then to dinner tonight at my latest favorite restaurant in New Hope.

Current Knitting
I worked some more on my secret project, and now I’m about 30% complete with that and I also did another 2 rounds on the Ichida lace.

Current Spinning
Here’s another couple of hours of laceweight spinning of the Black Bunny Fiber.

Walinpawpack 04-02-08

It’s a good thing I have a lot of perseverance. Both my current main projects are require a boatload of it.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Dawn writes, “I just happened to notice in the blurb under your photo, that you and Thaddeus will have been 25years together this year! When is the big celebration?”

We will celebrate 25 years in November…so we still have some time to plan.

0 comments on “Today I Am Officially On The Brink of 50

  1. Mel said we all have to come over to say, “Happy Birthday!” And I am nothing if not good at following directions. So enjoy the day (desk assembly aside) and that lovely spinning.

    (and you don’t look a day over 29…)

  2. Happy birthday Joe,

    No you don’t look your age. My birthday soon too, but I am a few years older!

    Glad you had a good day.

    All the best,

  3. hello gorgeous! and you don’t look a day over 40!

    many many many more happy years to you!

    smooches! πŸ™‚

  4. O Dear!!!, same age as I am, but I am going to be 50 in August!
    HAPPY HAPPY Birthday dear Joe!!! and I hope you got load’s of presents and that you are having a great Day

  5. You really don’t look your age. Such a fresh young face! May you have a lovely day! Kissy, kissy, kissy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Now that I’ve left this fawning compliment, I would expect that you tell me how incredibly young and nubile I look on my birthday (April 25, in case you’ve forgotten and I’m gonna be 58, so quitcher bitching, kid).

  6. Happy birthday, you look great. My birthday is later this month too, I am also turning an almost … almost 40. But I have no expectations of looking as tanned and relaxed as you do. I can only hope I get a box of delicious sushi …

    Don’t let the Ikea de-construction get you down.

  7. Hey Joe! Feliz cumpleanos! I haven’t been over here in a bit, but Mel sent me over… Dude, given that you’ve got some Asian grub featured, did you know that (at least for the Koreans) you are ALREADY 50???!!!?!?!?!?? (as in you are in your 50th year). I am fast behind you, but neenah neenah, I got 3 years (just turned 47 mid March) to catch up. You do know you have a baby face, right? I’d put you around 38, MAYBE 40…. Hope Thaddeus lavishes you with complements and lots of other niceties.

  8. The cake – you didn’t tell us about the cake!!! You have to have cake if it’s your birthday……

  9. Happy Birthday Joe, a day late. Don’t feel old – a local friend of mine celebrated her 79th yesterday and she feels she might at well be 80.

  10. Is there a portrait in your closet, Dear Joe??? You look mahvulus. Happy, happy Birthday! hizKNITS and I even mention you in our latest song, “Lace for Boys”. You are indeed a star to us.

  11. You get to be 49 by not dying; I’m far more impressed with your 24+++ years with the same man. That is a true rarity. Congratulations.