Are His Hands Cold Yet?

I just hope someone is wresting his gun out of his cold, dead hands as I type.

Nut Case
I have never been one to go by the adage that you should speak well of the dead. I don’t think it’s time to start now.

Truth be told, while I have never understood the obsession with guns held by the consensus of the NRA, I didn’t particularly like the part in Michael Moore’s movie where he doggedly pursued a confused and daft Charlton Heston. It was clear the man was no longer in his prime, and that Moore was picking on someone with a clear handicap. However, when Heston was vibrant and sane, I found his views on morality and gun control to be either hateful or ignorant or both.

Current Knitting
This weekend was all about birthday dinners, setting up my new craft area and completing tax documents.

Birthday Dinner
For weeks I had been anticipating going to dinner at one of my new favorite restaurants. It’s a small Italian restaurant in the middle of New Hope that most folks have never heard of, but Joe, the owner-chef cooks food that is the best I’ve had since I was in Italy. When we got there, Joe wasn’t there…he had had a heart attack the week before and his family was cooking and cleaning and preparing and serving to keep Joe’s business running. The food wasn’t as good, but I still enjoyed myself a lot, especially when Joe made an appearance and sat and chat with us for a while. Good people.

New Craft Area
As part of the carpet installation and the Ikea desk assembly, Thaddeus and I are also re-organizing our downstairs area to make three distinct sections…TV viewing area, office area and craft area.

Downstairs Layout

Here’s the desk completely assembled.

Desk Finished

Which started out with MANY more parts than this diagram shows.

Desk Parts Diagram

In addition, Thaddeus and I set up two work tables (in the corner) and four stacks of storage drawers (all from Ikea as well). Once I’ve gotten all my yarn and tools transferred to the craft area, I’ll post pictures.

Tax Filing
I used this new desk to complete tax filings for eight different taxing authorities (Federal and state and local taxes for both Thaddeus and I and two additional states since I worked in two states other than my home state). Taxes turn into my annual nightmare.

As such, I didn’t get a ton of knitting done…I finished up through round 112. I won’t have a progress picture until Friday.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Overall, despite how non-standard my birthday weekend was, I enjoyed myself a lot.

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  1. the restaurant business if rough, good on you for supporting your local restauranteur.

    And, does your craft area not need a place to sit?

  2. This house thought the same thing about Charlton….how did he go from being a staunch, sane democrat to what he became? do you know? Completely envious of your crafting area!

  3. It’s a strange irony he died this weekend. I have always been baffled at the schizophrenic nature of his views. This was a man who stood with Baldwin and King and lobbied hard for gun control in the midst of the civil rights movement. Some could argue he really wanted to keep black folks from getting gun, but I don’t know that’s true. And though I know he switched political parties from Dems to Reps when Ronald Reagan did, I am still amazed at the complete reversal of his view of the world. I wonder what happened to him…

    In truth, I’m actually gonna miss Moses, but I did buy my ticket for Michigan last night and am on my way to the store right to pick up my shovel and crowbar…

  4. About ten years ago I waited on a famous author. He was talking about Charlton Heston, and I must have had a bemused expression on my face, because looked at me and said “you know darling, he actually believed he carried those tablets down the mountain”.

  5. Gosh. If my taxes were that complicated, I’d still be trying to put off doing them. The fact that you got any knitting done with all of that is just amazing!

  6. I stumbled in by way of another’s blog. Like your style and amusing way of writing, I will pass by again. Am envious of your craft area, wish I could do the same, come on over and see me sometime.

  7. Um, exactly how long do you think you’ll be contained in the “craft corner”? You, with the two wheels, the sock machine, the knitting machine, a shitload o’stash, fabric, and God knows what else. At least you finally have a suitable space for your Weavette.

    All of my Ikea furniture–two chairs, a dresser, two nightstands–were put together by Johnny Hargreaves, my dear ex-boyfriend. And he cursed his way through them all. Ikea directions suck, as a rule.

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