Hate Brain Bleed

Dementia Boy

Having dementia since I was in my 20’s (not really…just very forgetful…I think) has never been a very useful characteristic.

Lost Lace
Even worse when I lose something I value because of it.

I posted this already on the Herbert Niebling forum on Ravelry, but yes…on my latest business trip, I left my current lace knitting project on the plane in the magazine pocket in front of me (despite flight attendant warnings to check for personal belongings there).

In addition, I also left behind three sets of USAirways headphones, two 36″ Addi lace cable needles and a set of reading glasses with a case.

I will try and see if I can locate these lost materials, but I honestly don’t hold out much hope.

Current Knitting
I wound off some bright pink thread from a cone at home, and I brought the two Ichida books and some double pointed needles with me to see if I might be able to get up the gumption to start another complex lace project.

Over the weekend, I finished the surprise knitting project, so I’ll be able to blog about it sometime next week.

Franklin Visit
For the 2 or 3 of you who didn’t know, Franklin made his way out to the Philadelphia area to do a photo shoot. He stayed with friend Carol and I got to spend a few short hours with him at brunch. Carol gave me the nice gift of the Tom Cruise unauthorized biography (did you know there are a few of them printed?) and I got some special M&M’s from one of Franklin’s fans who works for Mars Candy. Marilyn was supposed to attend, but got sick at the last moment…we missed her.

Franklin Carol Joe

But at least Thaddeus was able to join us.

Thaddeus Carol Joe

All in all, it was a good time, and I get to spend more time with Franklin just next month at the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat.

Speaking of which…for the guys that are registered for the retreat, you can expect to receive an e-mail from me tomorrow sometimes asking you to select your preferred workshops for the weekend.

0 comments on “Dementia Boy

  1. I do hope you get everything back, that is just awful. I once saw a man leave his connecting flight ticket in the seat pocket, didn’t notice until we had departed … but leaving your lace is so much worse. Good luck.

    (and sorry for any hard feelings on the prepositions, I just get annoyed over the idea of it being a “rule”)

  2. Note to self: purchase good support bra at earliest opportunity.

    It is not every day that I get to be sandwiched between various combinations of incredibly charming and handsome men. I loved seeing you, Joe. And Thaddeus!

  3. Damn, Joseph, Selma and I could have joined you at Meil’s after all. What a disappointment.
    Did you talk lovingly about us?

  4. No, NO, NO!!! I cringe at lost knitting stories. Once I left my knitting on an outdoor MBTA stop…on a bench. I freaked, got off at the next stop, waited VERY impatiently for the next train going the other way, and luckily found it.

    I hope it gets turned in. That would be a great story.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear you lost your lace, that’s dreadful. I hope some kind person turns it in to the airline’s lost and found. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your lost lace – I left my first cabled scarf on a Jet Blue flight once so I know what you are going through – I hope that they are able to retrieve for you.

  7. I left a lace shawl on a flight to Indianapolis last summer. I called as soon as I knew it was gone and, sure enough, it was in the lost and found and I retrieved it before the return flight. Somehow, I knew because I lost it on Southwest it would be found. I wouldn’t trust United.

  8. OMG, I am so sorry to hear that about your lace! sending good karma vibes your way that you get it and everything else back soon.

    on the other hand, nice shot of 3 of the wolvies. you might say it’s FABULOUS!

    I had so much fun with franklin on saturday (squee!); the knitting retreat should be great with him snapping photos of the attendees for the book.

  9. Ouch. Losing the lace is horrible. I’ve been lucky to not lose my knitting (almost everything else). I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will be found and returned.

  10. Joe:Always look on the bright side:

    Perhaps the “lucky finder” will finish it and send it to you for Christmas! :-)Or that the finder will have a very happy day getting a gift for free and walks the whole day with a smile on his/her face or that you will see it appear on Ravelry in someone’s projects with a link to your blog or…

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