Ichida2 04-28-08

New Beginnings

With all hope of finding my last Ichida lace project, I have decided to start a new one.

New Lace Design
There is no name associated with this design (that I am aware of)…it is number 13 in the second book of lace by Naoko Ichida.

I’ve actually made a little progress on this piece already…more than the picture would show…I’ll post a more up-to-date picture on Wednesday.

Having gone through difficulties and mistakes on the first Ichida project, this one is going a lot more smoothly. It’s more complex in design than the first one, but not quite as beautiful. I’m also glad to be using a slightly thinner yarn for this project…it’s going to look much nicer.

Current Reading
Does anyone think it’s odd that I took a picture of the last book I read in the garbage can?

Frogs Into Princes

If anyone has ever read this book (and it’s doubtful, since the book is rather old and practically impossible to get through), they wouldn’t think it odd at all. The book is Frogs Into Princes – Neuro Linguistic Programming by Richard Bandler and John Grinder .

I have always found Neuro Linguistic Programming to be a fascinating technique, and I wanted to read more about it. Years ago, I picked this book up at a book sale somewhere and just recently got around to reading it. It’s actually transcripts from a seminar by the listed authors, and it was a painful read. I found some useful information hidden carefully in the obtuse text, but it wasn’t worth it.

Television Is Ruining Our Children
Here’s our child ruining his eyes by sitting too close to what we call “kitty TV.”

Nico Watching TV

Nico can sit endlessly watching out the sliding glass doors on the back of our house, waiting for birds, squirrels ground hogs and other cats in the neighborhood to walk by. This picture shows him getting ready to pounce on the local squirrel.

0 comments on “New Beginnings

  1. yea, I’m first!

    “nico in hunting pose” – much like my own cat kidlets steven and meredith at the living room/upstairs hallway/sunporch windows. they can be entertained for hours!

    sorry the airline did not find your lace project. (bastards, she says under her breath)

  2. Working in a library surprisingly made me feel less bad about throwing books away. Some books whether for quality or age or what not just need to go. Heck, my personal library has some volumes that could easily be discarded if I could convince myself to get up off my butt and do so.

  3. For other NLP titles, try Robert Dilt’s book on beliefs. And Shelle Rose Charvet’s book on the metaprogram called “Words That Change Minds” is very good, though it’s also a transcription of tapes and needed a good editor. Then there’s “Do One Thing Different” by Bill O’Hanlon: not really an NLP book but lots of the same principles and it’s very accessible and easy to work with. I also really, really liked “Metaphors in Mind: Transformation Through Symbolic Modelling” by James Lawley and Penny Tompkins. Quite fascinating, though not an easy read.

  4. Does Nico ever scratch on the glass to try to get out or because he thinks he can reach out and touch what’s on the other side? Our kitty scratches at our windows, and it makes a horrible, nails-on-the-chalkboard sound.

  5. Re/the book in the trash can, no, I don’t think it’s odd at all. We have recently started going through our books and DVD’s, weeding out those we don’t like or won’t ever watch/read again. It makes me sick to realize how much money we wasted. We have also canceled our 3 book club memberships and have rediscovered the public library. I think we’ll be making a trip to the local used bookstore to hopefully get some trade credit on these items.

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