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Do Library Cards Expire?

I used to go to the library every other week or so years ago and take out a couple of books to read.

Reading Material
After the last crappy book I read, I went to my small stack of remaining unread books that were purchased a while ago, and selected a PD James detective novel. The last one I read was interesting enough, so I figured this would be acceptable reading.

But I really am scraping the bottom of the barrel. I need to start going back to my library on a more regular basis and checking out books there, but it has just become so much more convenient to just order a stack of books through Amazon and work my way through them.

Current Knitting
I am racing through the beginnings of this new lace design, and enjoying both the process and the result.

Ichida2 04-30-08

The section of the lace I’m working on is actually a square piece, but I didn’t have my pins to block it out a little for the picture (they were left with the last Ichida project). This section is almost complete, and will eventually form one half of the center section of the lace.

I’ll post a scan of the schematic for the overall piece so it’s easier to track where I am in the progress.

When Franklin was out visiting Carol, she had received a preview copy of her own book, so I guess the public arrival of the book is imminent.

Carol Franklin Book

No, Franklin is not looking at her chest…he’s looking at her book, Knits So Fine. I did get a chance to browse through the book in between our incessant chatter, and I am now looking more forward to its release than I was when I first heard about it. Folks will be very pleased with this book.

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  1. I also saw Caro’s book at her house when Franklin was there and it’s wonderful.
    And, might I add, the best patterns in the book are hers.
    And I’m not saying that just because she fed me dinner and let me meet Mr Carol.
    He’s very cute, by the way.

    Now, friend Jos, would you please comment that on her blog.
    It hates me and will not let me comment.

  2. Check and see if your library is on line. Then you can “order a stack of books” and have them ready to pick up when you get there. I love the reserve service and rarely dig through the shelves anymore.

  3. Library cards do expire, but mostly it’s just a sanity check for the library – are you still you, do you still live at the same address, do we know how to find you? I second the go online and request books motion – most excellent way to make sure the books you want are present before you go, but it doesn’t beat just wandering through the stacks and seeing what catches your eye for finding new things you didn’t know you need to read.

  4. I’m sure it doesn’t have anything to do with all those books on bomb-making you checked out last time….

    Thanks for the plug!

    Can I nevertheless cling to the illusion that he was looking at my rack?

  5. Whoo hoo on the new authors!

    I’ll chime in too on library reservation systems. The great thing about them is if you get a crappy book, you just send it back and you’ve lost no cha-ching in the bargain.

  6. Thanks, Jos!
    I tell her over and over about this problem of “mine” and she never fixes it.
    They never call, they never write…

    I’ll be over in the corner, wiping my eyes.

  7. I am liking your new lace better than the other one. Must be the orderly math brain.
    I think Franklin IS looking at Carol’s rack.
    My book is on order with my LYS, has been for months. It is my Bday present to me.
    Our library kind of sucks…a lot of Christian literature on the shelves. Requests are sooo slow. One of the few negatives about this town. When I hit Edmonton, I usually drop a bomb of $$ in the used book stores.

  8. “No, Franklin is not looking at her chest” – I wouldn’t think so LOL!

    I got to pet carol’s book at the photo shoot and have put it on my amazon wish list.

    can’t wait!

  9. You may have to go to the library with a current proof of address, like a utility bill, and they will update your card. I still use the library more than anyone I know, though I get more fines these days. I figure fines go to support the library, so really it is like a donation to a very worthwhile cause.

  10. With the internet, online catalogs and reservation queues, public libraries are great. I check out loads of knitting books, mostly to decide if I will buy them. There are lots of books that look great at first glance, but when I look closer I realize I will never knit anything in them. It saves not only money, but also room on my shelves.

    All the new books, I can’t wait to see ( and buy …)

  11. When I buy a novel I think long and hard about the purchase. If I do it’s because I’ve read several of the author’s books. When I get books from my local library I’ll check out practically anything because there’s no risk. If I don’t like the book, all I’ve lost is an hour (if that much). And I read a lot (10-15+ books a month). More money for knitting & other things. And my libary has CD’s, audio books and DVD’s, too.

  12. Actually, I was looking at her fabulous rack. I’d already seen the book, which is such a wow that I immediately began to bug her about a sequel. It’s such a breath of fresh air – I can’t wait to have my own copy.

  13. Last year I rediscovered the public library and have saved a lot of money. With just a little patience, I can put my name on the reserve list for bestselling books. The only problem has been when the three or four books I have on request all come in at once! Most of the time they can’t be renewed because others are waiting too, so I have to read fast! I’m also purging my shelves of the many book club editions I’ve bought and never read. To save money, I dropped all of my book clubs a couple of years ago. My library card only expires if the library decides to make new ones for everyone.

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