Working in Spurts

When it comes to getting things accomplished, I am much more a sprinter than a long distance kind of guy.

Workshops, Logistics and Knitting
In addition to coordination a lot of the upcoming Men’s Spring Knitting retreat, I’ve also been trying to pull together hand-outs and knitted examples for two workshops I’ve volunteered to lead at the retreat.

But that hasn’t stopped me from getting quite a bit of knitting completed (see below).

I’m teaching a class in how to turn three different kinds of heels, and I just finished created three disembodied heels in the various ways. I’ve also been working on generic instructions for each heel to give to the participants. I haven’t even started pulling together the information I need for the basic spinning class, but I think that one will be a lot less formal anyway.

Add to the two workshops all the nametags, logistic sheets, agendas, class rosters…etc., etc. Thank gawd I had a lot of coffee this weekend.

Current Knitting
Despite all this retreat activity, I also got quite a bit done on my latest lace project from the Ichida book.

Here’s a picture from the book of what the final piece will look like.

Ichida 02 Scan

And here’s where I am so far.

Ichida2 05-04-08

If you can’t tell, I have one of the two center squares completed and one extension to the square. I’ve just started working on the second square, which I will graft to the first one before starting the first of the two outer sections.

It’s moving along more quickly than I had expected.

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  1. Wow, lovely, the color really makes it something special…

    a comment on your previous post about Library Cards–order your books on-line via your library! Most now offer on-line holds. You place the hold, they call you when it is ready and all you do is pop in and pick it up….very green, the same book is read by multiple people! I mean really, how many PD James novels do you need kicking around your house for the rest of your life?

  2. I DO wish my partner and I could’ve made it to the knitting retreat this year. It just wasn’t in the cards but hopefully next year. I have signed up for a beginning spinning class, held in June, and joined a few spinning groups on Yahoo….which only help feed my desire to begin spinning. πŸ™‚

    Great looking work! Good luck with your organizing!

  3. Wow – I’m really enjoying seeing your lace progress. I’d love to jump down the lace rabbit-hole, myself, but my toddler-like attention span might foil my efforts. Keep the photos rolling and I look forward to a finished product, preferably not photographed in the seat-pocket in front of me.

  4. this is just lovely. thanks for sharing. it’s a pleasure to view beautiful lace in the making. also, fyi, prettyinthecity, aka Karyn Bosnak, blogged about you. =)
    check it out.

  5. Wow, the color change from the original is great. Beautiful work. What are you knitting it with?
    Betty in Jacksonville, FL

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