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When I do something like an actual interview, I feel as though I’m getting much too official in my blogging.

Upcoming Book Tour Stop
Carol of “Go Knit in Your Hat”
is doing a virtual book tour to promote her new book, Knits So Fine, and she’ll be making a stop at QueerJoe to endure some intimate scrutiny of her work.

As part of my research, I decided to check her Amazon sales to see how she ranked among other Knitting book sales, and as of Monday, May 5th, she was fifth on the list. I could kind of understand that Stephanie’s book beat her out, and even Elizabeth Zimmermann’s…but the other two I have trouble understanding that.

Current Knitting
I’ve started the second “center square” (no, not Paul Lynde) of the lace project from the Ichida book.

Ichida2 05-07-08

I’m up to round 50 of around 80 rounds. These sections go relatively quickly. When I have to pick up stitches all around these two center pieces and work multiple repeats of two separate border rounds, it will go a bit more slowly.

Current Spinning
Despite all that’s going on, I was able to fit in about 2 hours of spinning on the BBF roving.

Walinpawpack 05-04-08

At one point, I may have to weight what I’ve completed so far to make sure I have approximately half of the roving spun onto one bobbin. I think I have a while to go before that happens.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the Ichida lace, Betty in Jacksonville, FL asks, “What are you knitting it with?”

It’s a cone of size 20/2 cotton that I’ve had lying around for years. I’m knitting it on US1 needles.

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