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Like Thaddeus and my friends and co-workers, y’all are probably already tired of hearing about this knitting retreat, but it’s all I care to think about anymore.

A Few Pictures
I sent Thaddeus the link to these pictures so he could get a better sense about what went on while I was away, and his response was, “I’m even more glad now I stayed home.”

Don’tcha just love him?

Here’s a web page that has about 40 of my pictures from the event with a few little captions.

Ted links to a few of the other guys that blogged about the event with pictures as well, so you might want to check his site out if you’re not already as fed up as everyone around me.

Ted and I are already starting the initial planning for another event in the Spring of 2009. As soon as it’s ready for prime time, I will announce the details publicly.

Current Knitting

Tinked back to my mistake and was well on my way to finishing this simple, little section of the Ichida lace and realized a big mistake right back where I tinked back to last time.


My New Love
Being acquainted with a few of the guys from the retreat through their blog, or through Ravelry postings or on the MenWhoKnit web site, I often get a good sense about who they are through their writing.

My impressions of Sean from Boston were completely off from what he’s like in real life.

Anyone that doesn’t know Sean, should get to try. If you live in Boston, visit him at his yarn store (yes, he OWNS Woolcott and Company in Boston. He has secret stashes of the Malabrigo Silky Merino yarn he can personally show you in his back room. I’m wondering why it’s not in his on-line shop. I think I’ll call him personally to order some. I need it badly. If you’re not in Boston, try to read between the lines of his blog writing to see through to his true self.

A lot of guys were also wonderful at the retreat in many ways, and I should really do a rave review on all of them, but Sean was the most different from what I expected.

Love him.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

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  1. Congratulations! Thanks for linking to Ted so we can read so many blog posts about the retreat. And thanks a bunch for all the photos. Even the vicarious experience was great. It must have been mind-blowing, judging by all the guys who have said it’s just too hard to explain exactly what happened. That’s when you know it was *rilly good*.

  2. From all the entries I have read, you guys had a wonderful experience. Isn’t it amazing to bein a roomful of kindred spirits?


  3. (panting) jim and his sexy legs, dr. mel and his sexy legs…

    (ROTFLMAO) podcast interview with steven and sean…

    I am not tired of hearing you talk about your fabu event, joe! keep it coming!

    PS – jim is a hunka hunka!

  4. :::blush:::

    Wow, oh, wow. What can I say, except I should take a writing class to better get the true ME across on my blog.

    And the shop doesn’t have everything in it because it’s sooo much work to keep all that inventory correct mutha f*&ka

    Call with anything you need. I prefer the hot man on man telephone action!


  5. Maybe I just didn’t create as detailed a mental picture, but I’d say Sean was pretty close to what I’d imagined. Which is a very nice thing.

  6. i’d have to agree with Joe – sean was nothing like what I expected… for some reason I thought he’d be more quiet and geek-like. Then again, it’s always the quiet ones….

  7. I’m so glad you guys had such a good time. Please share more! Including more of what Thaddeus thinks about the weekend. Asides about him always slay me :).

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